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Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 23rd 2013

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Data helps to show Team Sky cyclist was actually consistent and not doping.

LastFM, better than Spotify for making money for artists.

The family and company that manages/parents the gang from Odd Future. They sound more like guardians than managers. Very interesting how the deal with the record company isn’t about singles but creating a cross-channel production group. This could apply to other industries too I should think.

Snail facials. Next up, deer lick leg waxing.

Landing pages tip: work backwards.

What is Red Bull? The Red Bull strategy. The author calls this “Storydoing”, honestly, another fake word that you can claim ownership of. If you forgive that though, it’s a good piece:

Red Bull has become a packaged-goods company that is also a content creation company that is also an events company that is also an adventure sports lifestyle company.

Text for a coffee. ZipWhip text enables various devices.

Ketil Bjørnstad and David Darling – Upland

Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 17th 2013

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Well done J.K. Rowling.

All of this. All. Paul Graham on making every customer count and how you go WAY out of your way to sign up customers especially at the start. See the Collison example.

Pinterest generates foot traffic to stores.

Running a Social Media Strategy workshop with Gina Bowes on July 30th.

Nice API for on-demand printing for posters, prints etc. Printful.

Yarrly. Remix photos. Android only, for now.

Two new naval vessels named after male writers. James Joyce, Samuel Beckett.

Instagram is good for sales in Kuwait.

Online PR and Social Media fundamentals. From Michelle Goodall.

Social media Return on Investment measured at 3:1. Obligatory question mark goes here so as not be for this or against this statement in case I’m questioned.

Detailed talk/report from Alastair Campbell on how PR is changing massively.

So if PRs were so good at PR, why did PR get such a bad reputation? Answer, in my view, partly because some PRs aren’t actually so good at it, but also because the real spin doctors in the modern world are journalists, broadcasters and bloggers

Written and acted by a 17 year old. Amazing talent. Beautiful language.

Fluffy Links – Monday July 15th 2013

Monday, July 15th, 2013

UCC and IMI Diploma in Management at a massively reduced price for SMEs. You can also do this course in Dublin.

And on management, Beacon is there to help SMEs in Cork County. Sign up for a virtual management team.

Quick piece in The Economist on how Democrats and Republicans use language when campaigning. I always notice that the Republicans are on-message and have the better catchphrases. Especially when in opposition. Death panels, eh?

Little Lady Fauntleroy. Oddness.

I wasn’t really switched into 500px before but some amazing work on it now. Too many filters and touching ups though. Great blog post on this Ricky Chapman project.

Food Herp. “The spreading of a craving/desire for a specific food or restaurant from person to person. ”

Gerald Manley Hopkins – Now in festival form.

Heartbeats of those in a choral group will synch with the music. So much of ourselves we can adjust with the mind alone.

Digital Strategy 101 from Bud Caddell.

How to Stay Sane.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday July 10th 2013

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Gummy bear popsicles. You can also add booze but soak the gummy bears in them otherwise the popsicle won’t freeze due to the booze.

Crisis Comms. A playbook on the EPA website.

Cork Chamber are doing an event on July 30th. Social Media Wake-up Call.

Advice on making apps also applies to building anything, including a company. “Find something in your life that is broken and write software to fix it.”

Workshop – New Business Models: Digital Marketing Strategies and the New Distribution Landscape

Great photo-bomb.

Irish people and funny signs, the Feck one.

Tile. Find your stuff using Bluetooth. I want one that alerts me when I’m going too far away from the item. Sore experience when leaving a laptop in a cab.

Cartoon labels on cigarette pack warning stickers might work better than normal warnings.

Via Dangerous Minds, Doctor Who theme slowed down and stretched to 21 minutes. Pretty good.

Fluffy Links – Sunny Sunday July 7th 2013

Sunday, July 7th, 2013 is the new website from Kirstie formerly of House Pretty site about accessories and so much more.

Old people by law have power over their adult kids in China. “On the same day, a court in the eastern city of Wuxi ruled in the case of a 77-year-old mother who had sued her daughter for not visiting her and for failing to help her financially. The court ordered the daughter to do both, or face fines or even detention”

It all goes back to sales and shoe leather. In the heart of the start-up world, some have become door to door salespeople.

Play companies and real companies. An awful lot of startups in Ireland seem to be play companies. Or dole companies since they’re bankrolled by the civil service. CLOUDMOBILELOCALSOCIALCON.

CIT are offering a number of free Spingboard college courses (you must be unemployed to avail)

Rick Rubin on music but probably everything else:

There’s a tremendous power in using the least amount of information to get a point across.

A lot of it has to do with structure, because the structure of the music industry is rooted in a corporate structure. It’s a quarterly business, but art is not a quarterly business

A daily summary of news in 5 pieces, nice format but think it can’t be as general as this. Maybe if it’s people with great personalities and insights and taking different areas.

Or are you glad to see me? Men’s patterned pants. The pattern being lots of penises.

Whoever imagined Gifs would come back to the web and be so strong? Another Gif app.

5 tips for surviving change. We need to get Bud Caddell over to Ireland some time.

How to shamelessly self-promote your tech startup.

Rockstar Startup storytelling.

From the Take Shelter soundtrack, good if slow-moving film.

Fluffy Links – Monday June 24th 2013

Monday, June 24th, 2013

LinkedIn training course in Cork, July 8th.

Vinecrawler. A Vine search engine. This is a search for Ireland on it.

Speaking of which, feature comparisons between Vine and Instagram video. Not going to upgrade to InstaVid though. Different channels in my view.

And still on that. Burberry puts their entire London show on Vine.

Irish Times and the Indo both to get paywalls in 2013. Great for the smaller news sites, if they cease on this. Free content is unfortunately better than quality content, volume wise. Ironic too that the newspapers who seem to want kickbacks from RTÉ will help traffic to RTÉ with this move.


Hell is other people. Avoiding your “friends” by using their Foursquare connections against them.

Heard John Cooper Clarke on RTÉ Arena read this the other night. I wanna be yours.

I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Breathing in your dust

Sit back for 15 minutes…

Fluffy Links – Saturday June 15th 2013

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

“Through the use of language, I was writing God into existence … the actualising of God through the medium of the lovesong remains my prime motivation as an artist.” Nick Cave on the art of writing the love song. 45+ minutes of miserable beauty.

Terrifying. You don’t say yes to the NSA and:

And then the DoJ targeted him and prosecuted him and put him in prison for insider trading — on the theory that he knew of anticipated income from secret programs that QWest was planning for the government, while the public didn’t because it was classified and he couldn’t legally tell them, and then he bought or sold QWest stock knowing those things.

A cricket orchestra. Really. Lars Fredriksson looks after all sorts of Chinese crickets and then builds an orchestra around them. The chirps from them change depending on the instrument that plays with them. Found via Lyric FM.

Evening course in Chinese with a module on doing business, in UCC from September. Awfully designed website alert (I can’t even link directly to the course page)

Daniel Pink, the new ABCs of selling. Hmmm, dunno.

The worst charities in America. Works exactly the same here. For-profit companies collecting for charities is lazy, indulgent and idiotic. But then look at all the Irish “charities” with CEOs on well over 120k a year. Charity in definition only.

The latest not so very subtle message from Apple is that they deeply understand design and are a Californian design company. An expensively produced ad on how Apple helps people to change the world is brilliant too:

Stanley Kubrick – the full docu

Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 11th 2013

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

The Guerrilla Gourmet Club. Ross Golden-Bannon & Robert Lee Mulcahy are doing a popup restaurant on Friday, 21 June in Dublin.

Startup motivational posters.

What’s behind the Facebook sound? Notes with F A C and E.

Panti in the Abbey. Great to see her show pop up there.

The original Sesame Street cast and the first episode.

Search data tells you if a movie will be a hit or not before the first opening weekend. Thanks Google.

The rise of the hardware startup.

The out of control surveillance state.

23 laws of creativity. David Hieatt. Legend.

The Tony Awards 2013 opening is all kinds of awesome.

Free Will and Testament

Fluffy Links – Friday May 24th 2013

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Nice handy list of social media policies.

Coming to the Opera House – Singing Nina, The Life and Music of Nina Simone, performed in narration/sung by Karen Underwood on May 31st.

The West Cork Garden Trail is on 15th to 30th June 2013. Nice pretty gardens open to the public.

Courses from Mulley Comms:
PR Workshop – Getting your business into the media.
Responsive Web Design.

Euclid, Google Analytics for retail stores. Great idea, maybe slightly creepy. Track visitors by them trying to connect to your store WiFi.

Greenshoots 2013 Awards & Showcase are on May 30th 2013. This ceremony marks the end of the third Greenshoots Programme and you’ll see how companies have progressed after the 9 month programme.

The dark social web. Email and IM.

How to use Facebook to capture leads.

Interesting site.

Reach for the Dead

Fluffy Links – Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Kickstarter shows that celeb Kickstarters bring more people in, bring more money to other projects.

Visually, connect it to Google Analytics for nice data graphics.

Scott Ian, spoken word in Cyprus Avenue.

While this back and forth between Steve Jobs and James Murdoch shows Steve didn’t take shit, it actually shows what Amazon is up to with e-books and how they’re losing money. For now.

Bank of Ireland now doing free spaces in Dublin for business people. Do I need to be a business customer?

Hollywood already has script doctors. Now they go through data on movies too. Data science y’all.

Job in UCC. Director of Marketing Communications.

Watched a documentary on Leigh Bowery. Fascinating guy. Some performance artist. I want his glasses.

@BreakingNews and how they operate. “With us it’s interesting — there’s pressure to be second”

Marc Almond – What Makes A Man