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Yoda visits Ireland

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Yoda visits these fair shores. Likes Blarney Castle does he lots.

Blarney Castle

Who doesn’t like a bit of fluff – Fluffy links June 01 2006

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Via Jeff Jarvis Via Marketallica is an interesting and very clever way of selling things via your flickr account. When you mouse over Russell Davies’ books you are presented with a mini-review and a link to an affiliate link to buy the book from Amazon. Makes sense. The same can be done with Threadless T-Shirts

Internet Hunting in China. This is vicious bullying that turns into a real life lynch mob. Some guy posts details that his wife cheats on him. Dozens condemn the guy that cheated with her. Then 100s and then 1000s. When the Internet and moralistic rage goes unchecked. Imagine if this happened with the O’Reilly incident. Or maybe it almost did?

Best ad for Sure ever. News article about a guy that literally blew the roof off his house when a canister of Sure deodorant exploded.

And that caused a can of Sure deodorant to explode with such force that it not only blew out windows but cracked a wall and even, briefly, lifted the roof off the bungalow.

Seth Godin disagrees that Podcasting is a bad name.

If you’ve going to invent a new product that is more than just an incremental improvement, then that new product requires a new slot in the mind, a new way of thinking. Giving it a name that permanently links it to old thinking doesn’t help.

Cool art? The invisible maze.

Visitors are equipped with digital headphones operated by infrared rays that cause them to vibrate every time they bump into one of the maze’s virtual walls.

Niall Kennedy links to an economics paper on big company inertia when dealing with new industries and changing times. Go read if you are in a big company.