So you think you can write?

A kind of followup to this post about what to write and this post about WordPress installs. Even with guides on what to write, some companies still don’t feel able to blog and I’m getting queries more and more from people asking me to supply names of people or companies that work in the copy writing/blog post writing business. However I smack their knuckles with a ruler if they suggest ghost writers. I won’t supply names to them for that. If I hear you ghost write for business blogs, I won’t recommend you either. Blogging is all about real people and real engagement, remember?

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The same way I’m getting a public list of WordPress Installers together, I’d like to put a list of people together that are willing to write blog copy (and get attribution) for businesses. The idea would be too you’d work with the company to eventually bring some of their staff into the blogging lark on their blog. If you think you can write non-PR bullshit and engage the public on behalf of a business, stick your name down in the comments and maybe areas you are good at writing about already.

17 Responses to “So you think you can write?”

  1. mj says:

    Dear Damian,
    I am a very excellent riter and technolgist. I wood B very happy 2 rite blog copy for lots of buisneses in retunr for heaps of money. Pls send chqs now.

  2. Mike Kelly says:

    -Blogging is all about real people and real engagement, remember?

    Couldn’t agree more Damien

  3. Branedy says:

    Good one Mj…

  4. Tim Worstall says:

    Erm, me?
    I already write (with attribution) for a number of different blogs and online places: the Adam Smith Institute, the Globalisation Inst, the Spectator online, Comment is Free…..I think I can do the blogging part.
    Subjects? Business, the environment, economics….

  5. Paul Anthony says:

    I can do technology related, if its of interest..and my sis does copywriting professionally as well. So feel free to share the love.

  6. If you know a company that doesn’t mind foul language, I’m your man.

  7. B'dum B'dum says:

    Bock: You could write Cowen’s blog?

  8. Maybe I should contact the fucker.

  9. John says:

    I’d be happy to talk to any business that would like to approach me.

    Plenty of examples on my site and I can grasp most ideas and aspects of business pretty quickly.

  10. Sharon . says:

    Hi Damien !

    I have been known to touch upon the subject of politics and history in a wee blog I sometimes write for and have noticed over the years that the British Embassy in Dublin is not promoting itself as best it could . And , indeed , should.
    However , I am far too shy to approach them myself and am wondering if you could make a pitch for me ? I would prefer to have full access to the premises – to give me a ‘flavour’ of the place , of course – and would like to be paid in shillings.
    Hoping for a favourable reply,



  11. Damien says:

    @Sharon I think you could add a lot of “local” flavour to the British Embassy blog. Let’s try and pitch them the idea.

  12. Sharon . says:

    Hi again , Damien !

    I’m game if you are!
    If (when?) we get going with this project I will call the new blog ’29 And Counting…’ and will reserve the right to choose the colour scheme for same, as we girls do.
    At the interview stage (ie when I am interviewing them re whether I want the job or not!) I will be looking for ‘Access All Area’ passes for myself and my ‘film crew’ and ‘sound engineers’ .
    My people will be in touch with your people….


  13. Maxi Cane says:


    I wouldn’t mind doing it for performing arts schools and local amateur groups, I write scripts for one or two of them so I reckon I could do that.

    As well as maybe pro schools and organisations, maybe the pro thatres too?

    Who knows?!


  14. Deborah says:

    Can always help out with foodie related stuff! 🙂

  15. Leon Quinn says:

    On my own blog I write about computing, the internet and technology in general and also some other random stuff occasionally (including infertility – don’t ask!) I also wrote songs and poetry in the past.

    Would love to be able to write professionally and get paid for it. I’m also VERY experienced with most aspects of the standalone wordpress and teaching people how to use it.

    Count me in.

  16. A Chara Damien,

    i must concur with MJ i too would also like some cheques and believe I can write. I wonder how this would affect the public sector workers and what SIPTU might have o say about this in retraining of staff.

    peter donegan

  17. If there’s any education, training and / or learning and development blogging to be done, then I’m your man (unless spin, propaganda or PR bullshit is involved).