Hot Garda Cam Action

No, not really. Found this on YouTube:

11 Responses to “Hot Garda Cam Action”

  1. Green Ink says:

    They need a new nickname. I’ve never seen a pig beat a protestor.

  2. S says:

    Seriously, these Shell protestor twats are ill informed lefties that run a campaign based on NIMBY-ism. If shell tried to run a pipeline through my backyard I’d be pissed too, but only because it was my back yard and not some green notions of saving the planet This is an Oirish condition and nothing to do with the safety of a pipeline – engage the cortex folks!.

    As for photographing/taping activities in public, this is far more important. In the UK, police are going ape shit on photographers of buses and crowds (i.e., you’re a terrorist or a paedophile). Sad post 9/11 big brother freak shit government crap. Watch your democracy dwindle!

  3. S: I’m not entirely sure who you mean when you refer to ill-informed twats.

    Shell signed a deal with a convicted crook, Ray Burke, to take gas from our territorial waters, and in return, Shell pay back exactly nothing. Did you know that? We’ll buy our own gas from Shell at full market rates, and in order to facilitate this arrangement, our police are beating protesters off the road.

    Therefore, as I said, who’s the ill-informed twat here?

  4. Sharon . says:


    Well said , Bock!
    If ‘S’ has a ‘thing’ against those who protest obvious injustices (“NIMBY ill-informed twats”) and fails to recognise the injustice itself , then s/he is not seeing the wood for the trees .
    More info on the Shell injustice can be read here –


  5. Ben says:

    . . .because is really going to give you the full unbiased picture. .

  6. Branedy says:

    Seriously, I really loved the bits where they are throwing people into ditches 😉

  7. bettyswallox says:

    whats the point it the heavyhandedness of the garda..or the fact that they all had cameras..or are u slagging the protestors

  8. Gamma Goblin says:

    The point is, Guards should have guns not cameras.

  9. Sharon . says:

    Hi Ben!

    The link I posted (above) contains , as stated , “more info” on the on-going situation , and contains links to other sites re that situation.
    Perhaps you could supply me with a link to what you consider an “unbiased picture” of this whole shameful episode?


  10. 73man says:

    If there’s one thing the Garda love its their gadgets….and a dainty little umbrella. Shell to Sea.

  11. uls says:

    these guards are a disgrace , they are being payed by the people they are throwing around ie the tax payer, not by the huge murderous selfish sick company they are protecting. i’m usually a defender of our gardai but this is just a sad point in their history. i wonder what michael collins would think of the police force established under the treaty protecting a huge corporation over the irish citizens? whats the point of dying for your country if some fuck head like ray burke comes along and sells it for quick cash?