Fluffy Links – Friday June 27th 2008

I love this post from Maryam. Amazing how people can change depending on who they interact with.

Nice blog, 12 stories in 12 months.

New blog: Double Negative.Yeah right.

Swasticow the full length movie. Gott Ja.

Cian Foley from Slang.ie has a new book out – For Focal Sake.

Via Roosta101 PhotoShop tips in 5 Minutes.

Dublin free WiFi is actually ripoff expensiveFi.

What do Creative Generalists do?

Ahhh 404 errors
, oldies but.

Check out Slow Club
This is a song called “Me and You” but their song “Dance til the morning light” really rocks.

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Friday June 27th 2008”

  1. Dave says:


    one of my workmates this morning thought swasticow was what people were calling the Brian Cowen Downfall youtube vid. oops