Not even a Fr. Jack style sorry, RTE apologise to Cowen

What the fuck like?

17 Responses to “Not even a Fr. Jack style sorry, RTE apologise to Cowen”

  1. Twenty Major says:

    1 – RTE are fucking cowardly pussies. They should have told FF to go fuck themselves.

    2 – Fianna Fail and Cowen are pathetic, bullying cuntbutlers of the highest order. It was a legitimate news story, not flattering perhaps, but they had no business kicking up any kind of fuss about it.

  2. manuel says:

    can you ever imagine the BBC doing this? Sheeeit not even ITV would do it…..they have made an ickle story that caused a bit of mirth into big story that’s really gonna piss people off…..shameful

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  5. RTÉ, Pravda, spot the difference.

    This is the start of it. These cunts are about to institute a police fucking state and this is an indication of how they see themselves. Above reproach, criticism or ridicule.

    For fucksake. This just shows you what a pathetic, self-regarding fucking lapdog of a station RTÉ is. State television indeed. And it also shows you what a puffed-up gobshite Cowen is.

    Lads, watch out. Here comes the police state.

  6. Green Of Eye says:

    *Chews fingers whilst trying to remain composed*

    Shower of money and power grabbing bastards. That goes for RTE and the scum that pass for politicians in this country.

  7. Aidan says:

    State television indeed. Now for a party political broadcast.

  8. Dave Davis says:

    I want my TV licence fee back. And I want an apology.

  9. Brock Landers says:


    I love it when your mouth gets all frothy. Jeez, take a chill pill people. If history tells us one thing it’s that police states rarely start with a naked picture of that state’s leader.

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  11. Gavin says:

    The portraits aren’t even ‘nudes’… Obviously the guy has no sense of humour and has never been the subject of a political cartoon.

  12. Paul Lee says:

    This is apalling. The Irish Times reported that a Garda visited Today FM’s offices!

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  14. Dobharchu says:

    What the fuck is going on in Ireland? Are we going to start banning Joyce and O’Casey again? Should we start expecting the Spanish Inquisition!
    I can’t believe RTE – you wouldn’t see this on Moscow TV. How dare they apologise to these humourless cunts for at worst a harmless student-like prank, at best a mild satire on the woeful political nakedness of Irish “leaders.” Even worse, they apologised for carrying a legitimate NEWS report on the prank – and then started erasing the public record of the report, like Stalin painting out officials in news photos who had fallen from grace. I’m a journalist, and I simply can’t believe this is happening in democratic, arts-loving, humour-loving Ireland.
    RTE owes the Irish people and Irish artists an even more abject apology, preferably from the RTE director on his knees, for its spineless capitulation to Cowen’s political thugs. How can we depend on these cretins for tough political news reporting in the middle of an economic crisis and the most corrupt incompetent government in our history (and that’s saying something!)
    And what the fuck are the Gardai wasting taxpayers’ money on – a conspiracy to paint? We are in serious danger for our liberties here.

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