Brian Cowen – Balls naked

IE reports the clip below is gone from the website. Luckily it got recorded on the expensive thing under the telly:

16 Responses to “Brian Cowen – Balls naked”

  1. brian cowan says:

    great we should also have a few bankers

  2. Green Ink says:

    Well done that man. More fucking RTE censorship.

  3. Thomas Brunkard says:

    Calling the Gards? Fuck sake. Nothing better for them to be doing?

  4. Donal Lyons says:

    Absolutely disgusted that RTE just apologised. Swift would be spinning in his grave

  5. Thomas Brunkard says:

    Live near Swifts final abode, the whirring sound growing into a roaring crescendo disrupting my night in.

  6. Paul Cunnane says:

    Heh. Just spotted that the subcaption for James O’Halloran is “Adam’s Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers”

  7. Paul Cunnane says:

    …that was supposed to be “& amp ;” – oh the irony 🙂

  8. Nuala O'Byrne says:

    Has the man got any cop-on? Making a meal out of a prank? Now it will never be forgotten. Apology to his wife, lovely lady that she is – but does she get in beside him with her eyes closed?

    What will RTE have to apologise for next?

  9. bluire says:

    This is ridiculous. If a portrait of Brian Cowen appeared on the railings of Merrion Square during the weekend would the Gardai come and seize them? Painting a picture of someone is not governed by law, although, obviously, hanging a such a portrait in the RHA or the National Gallery is a bit cheeky. There was nothing illegal about the painting itself, just the hanging of it.

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  11. Benny says:

    I am disgusted RTE apologised – and getting the Guards involved, that is a joke

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  13. NudeLenihan says:

    appauled that RTE appologised…for what REPORTING SOMETHING UPLIFITING?
    fuck sake they will badger away about what a load of shit the people have landed themselve in but cant even have a fucking laugh at politicians, they need a good kick up the hole, brown nosing fianna fail like a bunch of fuckin Marys
    Are the Times daily cartoons of him not offensive???
    I love the moobs ….thought they were a little small

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