Almost almost

Still not back to normal. Right after the Blog Awards I’ve had to travel for work to far flung places like Dublin, Galway and Cork. Should be back to normal sometime Thursday.

Meanwhile grab an amazing chance to hear one of Obama’s Online strategists talk in Dublin today.

5 Responses to “Almost almost”

  1. Seems he is working for Fianna Fail…obviously likes a challenge, presume we’ll all get our P-45’s via Twitter

  2. David O'Leary says:

    Would that be the Political Director of Fine Gael chipping in a useful comment!

  3. David O'Leary says:

    Just checking…your namesake holds that position…would have been a bit of a case of the kettle calling the pot black!

  4. Mick is the All-Ireland run away knock 2008-2009, fact! Right? 🙂