Joe is looking for a link

To a blog post from Rick O’Shea.

9 Responses to “Joe is looking for a link”

  1. Joe Scanlon says:

    Why thank you for that and the great it@cork blogging class that you are giving us here at NSC Mahon.

  2. Alexia says:

    My God. Suckup!

  3. Patrick says:

    Good man Joe! 😛

  4. Rick says:

    Yup. Genuinely. Does his neck know no end……?

  5. […] I was asking for trouble yesterday when I (sorta jokingly / but not really) asked Damien Mulley in the middle of his blogging class to explain how to do a pingback/trackback to the group by linking to one of my blog posts. And..well…he did. […]

  6. Calvin Jones says:

    He he! This fills me with confidence for the future.

    Surviving the recession demands a mindset that sees the latent opportunity in any situation, and the ability to take advantage of it. Looks like Joe saw an opportunity, and displayed all the characteristics of a natural born Irish chancer by grabbing it with both hands! 🙂

    Forget all the fancy pants Government plans to get the economy back on it’s feet. This is the sort of thinking that will drag Ireland kicking and screaming out of recession!

    We just need lots more of it….

  7. Joe Scanlon says:

    @Alexia * goes red, rakes stones with right foot * etc
    @Calvin “natural born Irish chancer” throw it on the headstone. For someone I haven’t met you’re pretty cool.
    @Rick Great use of “know no”. Twas you I was pimping 😛
    @Dorothy ya chancer!
    @Patrick Will you ever take off that flipping hat

  8. Calvin Jones says:

    @Joe… will have to remedy that “haven’t met thing shortly. I WILL make it to one of these events I keep missing one of these days :-).