Mulley in Donegal next week

Mediabox have booked me to do a “social media” seminar in Donegal on Thursday. And it’ll be with a castle in the backdrop. Glenveagh National Park’s Visitor Centre is where it takes places. Well done to Joanne and crew for putting together the seminar and charging people sfa for it too. Seminar and lunch is €65 and a tour of the castle.

And of course I’ll have to try the food at Harry’s.

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5 Responses to “Mulley in Donegal next week”

  1. 404 on that link D

  2. Glenveagh says:

    Hi Damien
    You will love Harry’s and hopefully your lunch at glenveagh. Great interest in the seminar and we are looking forward to hosting it .

  3. Thanks Damien! It’s all about value up here! We are all looking forward to hearing you and doing a bit of social networking at Glenveagh Castle.

  4. Mr T says:

    Sweet. Great spot enjoy it.