How you can help TeenCamp Ireland

TeenCamp Ireland is only around the corner (January 17th) and you can help out in a few ways. They’re looking to increase teens registering, they’re looking to have more teens do talks and they need sponsors for food, for the projector and AV and other bits and pieces.

So what can you do?
1. Spread the word. Maybe blog about it? Get them some press. Email some teenagers you think would like to go along. (You know those clever ones who will end up being your boss in about 9 years.) Anyone know those CTYI kids? Tell em. Add it as a note to Facebook. Send it out via your LinkedIn Network. You’re getting the idea now so I’ll stop.
2. Sponsor them or find them some sponsors.
3. Loan them a projector or AV somethings or others.

Let’s get the kids sharing with the kids and educating each other. Or else I’ll send you a special thank you card:

6 Responses to “How you can help TeenCamp Ireland”

  1. Thanks for putting the word out Damien, we need all the support we can get =)

  2. TUG says:

    CTY kids need this like a good kicking… Actually, they’ll probably get both…

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  5. just saw the site looks good but could do with some tarting up. great idea.