Fluffy Links – Monday January 5th 2009

Where the hell were ye? I was blogging all over the holiday and you only call over now? Awwww.

Last week to donate those Jack and Jill phones, then the draw. Really good odds now to win this gear based on the number of comments and links!

The numbers for 2008 in Irish Publishing.

A totally uplifting comment from JP on his own blog.

Seen this? Championship manager still game for Irish school kids to learn about business.

Yeah I don’t know is it a good idea in this climate to list your clients who are moving Irish jobs to Poland

Via Paul Conroy: A Flickr group for Far Side re-enactments.

Great take-aways from Loic on how to start a business in 2009. Advice culled from the 2008 Le Web.

Shel provides a nice template on how to write a business book.

Oh dear. Google staff are very cynical about their products if they call their new Friend Connect too “Friend Sense”. Google helps you make money off your buddies.

Sheeeeet. Obama style. This is for you Jim Carroll!

Wikipedia over DNS. Nerdcoretastic.

The Beeb tackles the Daily Mail pratwittery about their staff blogging too much.

Pump up the bass (Not the fish Noel)

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday January 5th 2009”

  1. John Smyth says:

    I notice that most of those companies outsourcing to Poland are dating agencies – are we outsourcing romance now, too ?

  2. TUG says:

    I didn’t know a job had a particular nationality, interesting…

  3. Barry says:

    How to start a business is good and makes perfect sense however Ireland isn’t as open to entrepreneurs as the US is. In the US you are encouraged and congratulated for being a small business owner even if the business fails. In Ireland the mere mention that you are planning to start a business is greeted in hushed tones… If we’re to change as a nation then it needs to be from the top down with greater assistance from Government. See: http://www.frankfullard.com/wordpress/?p=248

  4. […] companies moving Irish jobs to Poland By myguideireland Just saw this on Damien Mulley’s website, (he’s the internet expert that regularly contributes to Matt Cooper’s Last […]

  5. Noel Rock says:


  6. MJ says:

    Ahem. Just coz I didn’t comment… I was reading!