Fluffy links – Friday January 2nd 2009

New year, new blog from Gav Reilly. And resolutions!

New year, new blog from Liam Burke. Welcome back to blogdom Liam!

Killian from Sinn Féin has some 2009 predictions. A Yes to Lisbon eh?

Top visited blogs in Ireland? Alexa is always contrary when it comes to these things as a few dozen people with the toolbar and your blog as the homepage will boost you up. Kudos to Paul though on the hard work putting this together. Go super-sleuth!

Five things you should know about how to be a Media Whore.

Meanwhile Bargains Ireland tell you how to get around those Ryanair chargecard stings.

This is not a clever marketing idea at all. This is stupid. If people in your coffee shop ain’t buying coffee despite the aroma and look of your products, changing the network names to product names will hardly help. God almighty, THEY ARE IN YOUR STORE and you can’t get them to consume? Network names aren’t the issue people.

They say you use these to make sure you’re getting decaf. I’d use them to make sure the coffee has a proper kick. Guarantee they’ll be used to test your pee.

If you’re a nerd and have a girlfriend (it can happen) and you have no fashion sense (already a given) then you’ll think this Rubick’s cube bag would be a great present for your missus. She’ll probably say thanks too, she is afterall a very patient and understanding girl.

Gaslight Anthem – 59 Sound

8 Responses to “Fluffy links – Friday January 2nd 2009”

  1. Just read the media whore tips. Useful stuff in everyday business I think. Good man.

  2. Joe Scanlon says:

    Ditto what Gavan said. Thanks again for the five things!

  3. Phil says:

    The coffeecompany thing is hilarious, especially ‘buyanothercupyoucheapskate’. pretty surprising the number of open networks are available too though.

  4. Nellboy says:

    The worrying thing about that rubix cube handbag is that my girlfriend would probably like it!!!

  5. Paul says:

    Thanks for the link.

    While I know that Alexa rankings aren’t the best method of determining true traffic rankings, I think it does give some indication of what blogs people are visiting.

    Doing this I came across some great blogs that I hadn’t see before, and which were immediately added to my feed.

    Unfortunately there were quite a few blogs that I couldn’t get rankings for, so I’ll have to look at ways to improve the list and see if I can get all the blogs onto the list.


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  7. lette says:

    hey damien, Just wondering if you know how to get in contact with an organizer for the blog awards? thank you!!

  8. Andrew says:

    I wonder would it be difficult to set up a wireless network in such a way that it uses a code printed on till receipts as the access password for the network?

    I’m guessing you would have to offer a decent period of network usage time with the purchase to make it a convincing deal for the average user, but at least it would require a bit of reciprocation on their part.