In Engerland

I’m in Engerland at the moment. Sans laptop. I know I know. I’ll survive. I’m at MeasurementCamp.

Back soon:
Engerland 025
Photo owned by surprise truck (cc)

Meanwhile, via Jason, check out this Foxrock SUV luvvies docu (mp3)

6 Responses to “In Engerland”

  1. Branedy says:

    Did you take your N770?

  2. Stephen O says:

    I80 grand. “I don’t know what the repayments are. I just drive what my husband gives me. Ha” What recession

  3. Justin Mason says:

    “MeasurementCamp”. I’ll miss out the obvious snarks. 😉

    That SUV doco is brilliant — nice work by RTE! I guess that’s this episode of Documentary On One. SoCoDu at its crassest. I lived in Orange County for 3 years, and never imagined that when I returned to Dublin I’d find the rich kids attempting to emulate its worst excesses.

  4. 73man says:

    Watch out, Damien. They eat their young.

  5. Colm says:

    back again so soon? can’t stay away it seems.

  6. Organ Donor says:

    My Heart bleeds for her… she has to drop the kids off at school,get her hair done and THEN go back and collect the kids.. She must be on anti-depressants… Stepford Wives indeed.