Fluffy Links – Wednesday June 4th 2008

In Galway this afternoon til Friday afternoon, keeping with the blogging will be light theme. Shush Rick.

Cybercom are looking for a copy writer and also a search marketing manager.

Getting some nice case studies/endorsements for Business Blogging now, have you got one?

It’s Blackhat SEO right? Making up a fake news story that gets everyone a buzzing and getting loads of inbound links? Will there be a Google penalty for fake news? It’s hardly new though is it, eh PR people?

Yes, no, yes, no, yes. Postcodes are back on again for Ireland?

Well done again to Steve Moore, addicted to organising great events.

Another free memory improvement tool, for those without Nintento DSs.

Lisbon campaigners should latch on to this. Cameras on every plane seat to monitor you for terrorist facial expressions or something.

I’m going to be in Berlin for the launch of this beautiful thing, I wonder is it really a competitor to the Air?

Another day, another T-Shirt I want.

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday June 4th 2008”

  1. B'dum B'dum says:

    Does that memory improver thing actually work?! Cos we could really do with that sort of thing.

  2. B'dum B'dum says:

    oh wait no, it’s real memory, I thought it was the fake kind.