Do not go Gentle into the Darklight

Worst blog pun ever. And there have been many. Derek McChancer told me to pimp da shit out of the Darklight Film and Art Festival and not just because I’m on one of the discussion panels. (I’m talking about privacy on Friday morning)

Anyway TRON!!!!
Tron is being shown as part of Darklight.


Screenings on Sunday 29 June


Steven Lisberger//U.S.A//1982//96 mins

Irish Film Institute, 2 p.m.

An unmissable big-screen outing for the original CGI classic! Computer programmer Jeff Bridges hacks the mainframe of his evil ex-employer… And finds himself beamed inside the computer by a power-hungry master control program! Tron is a true cult sci-fi classic, a visionary work of considerable beauty, a true style icon – and one of Darklight’s very favourite movies.

This screening of Tron will be introduced by Professor Ken Perlin.
We are delighted to be joined by effects wizard and Oscar winner Ken Perlin, Professor Of Computer Science at New York University; Ken worked on Tron, and since then has been developing new computer graphics techniques widely used in the motion picture special effects industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a rare audience with a true FX pioneer.

tron cycles
Photo owned by blackdudemedia (cc)

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2 Responses to “Do not go Gentle into the Darklight”

  1. Barry Hand says:

    Yup, sounds sweet, didn’t know you were involved in some way.

    Dead Man’s Shoes should be excellent too! in fact most of what’s happening looks good –

  2. Trinity says:

    ..on the other side of the screen, everything looks so easy…
    Jazus haven’t seen Tron in yonks! 🙂