Is 8 quid the standard price for album downloads?

Sigur Ros are releasing four versions of their new album. Probably to cater for super-fans, fans and followers. There’s the normal CD version for £12, there’s the CD and DRM free mp3 download for £14, there’s mp3 only for £8 and then there’s special edition album, download and DVD (to be released later this year) for £60.

Clever. Very Radiohead. This is the fanclub email that was sent out. Fans get the album before others.

Sigur Ros

Pre-Order Now

Several Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust pre-order options are now available exclusively from Click here for more detailed information and pricing specific to your country*.

Here is a summary of the offers:

CD Album + Album Download (*price £14.00)
Receive the album download + bonus videos a week early on 16th June
CD will arrive the week of 23rd June

CD Album (*price £12.00)
CD will arrive the week of 23rd June

Album Download (*price £8.00)
DRM free 320kbps mp3’s available week of 23rd June

Deluxe Edition (*price £60.00)
Pre-release album download + bonus videos available on 16th June
CD will arrive the week of 23rd June
Deluxe Edition will arrive mid-September

192-pages. 300 mm x 240 mm. Includes CD of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust and exclusive DVD.

This exquisitely presented deluxe edition is a unique document of the creation of Sigur Rós’ fifth album in film, photography and music. Given unprecedented access to the final stages of the making and release of the group’s new album, photographer Eva Vermandel and film-maker Nicholas Abrahams create an intimate and revealing portrait of the Icelandic quartet at work on their most immediate record to date. Housed in a large-format, fine weave cloth-bound hardback book, the deluxe edition comprises nearly 200 pages of fine art photographic images, as well as an impressionistic film portrait of Sigur Rós, as they record, mix and master Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. Locations include New York, London, Mexico, Reykjavik and beyond, and take in the filming of the “Gobbledigook” video, tour rehearsals, the early shows on the tour, as well as exclusive band interviews relating to the record. Each edition is individually numbered and includes a unique strip of 16mm film taken from the video “Gobbledigook” as well as the DVD and album.

3 Responses to “Is 8 quid the standard price for album downloads?”

  1. Ben says:

    Isn’t buying music very , eh , Back To The Future?

  2. NiallOK says:

    Wow, the “£” symbol looks weird to me now…

    And yes, £8 is quite a normal price for a download of a new album, as is €10 (they’re roughly the same).

  3. womble says:

    a stream of the album is on the site now… so there’ll be a transcoded rip online in a few hours i’d imagine… sounds like the stream might be mono though (at work so dunno for sure) and the songs sound plenty good enough to justify forking out the £12.

    im not sure if the ‘bonus videos’ and the freedom to download the album ‘a week early’ when itll be on rapidshare 20min later really justifies the extra two quid, though.