Yahoo! and the Beeb launch Hackday Europe

Via Tom Coates is news that Yahoo! and the BBC are having a hack day on June 16th and 17th! Yes, hackday is over two days. It’s free and you can register here. The HackDay site is haxorifically cute with all the oldstyle terminal green and text changing as you mouse over it.

More of the blurb:

We’ll have a whole bunch of speakers from Flickr, Yahoo! and the BBC to start us off. We’ll have food—mostly flat—to meet the specialised needs of our guests. There may be booze. I’m not telling. If you want, you can stay awake all night or crash out in a corner in a sleeping bag. The only requirement or restriction (except for the legal ones, which you should probably read) is that you come to the event and try and build something, ideally using some of the stuff that the organisations hosting the event have to offer.

4 Responses to “Yahoo! and the Beeb launch Hackday Europe”

  1. Hey, thank for the kind words about the Hack Day site design. It was (literally) the work of one hour late last August; my only guidance was “make it cool.” 🙂

  2. Damien says:

    Nice one. I dearly love it.

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