More free stuff for 3rd level students – Digiweb hosting

Lots of ads on offering a free domain and web hosting for a year to college students and others. Sign up here. (I changed the referer to from 🙂 )

Offer applies to 3rd level students, postgrads, teaching or research staff, and lecturers only.

The terms and conditions don’t mention whether you own the domain name or not. What’s the story with that Dan?

3 Responses to “More free stuff for 3rd level students – Digiweb hosting”

  1. Damien B says:

    Great idea; much like the educational versions of software available, and the teaching methods of the Jesuits- get them young and you have them for life!

  2. Conor says:

    Once again 2nd level students get screwed! 🙂

    6 more weeks…

  3. Dan King says:

    Yep, they’ll own the domain after a year if they opt to renew it with us, or ask to have it transferred away. We’re not going to play hard ball with it, but we’d obviously prefer it if they opted to continue hosting with us 🙂