Fluffy Links – April 19th 2007

Don’t forget to register for ShareIT Dublin which is on Saturday April 28th. Free business training for startups!

BarCamp Dublin is on this Saturday, you going? (I can’t go unfortunately.)

Come back Julianstown Blog, all is forgiven.

Via MetafilterListening to words allows you to find, listen to and discuss free lectures from around the web.

Here’s a nice new ranty Irish blog. Blog the Bog. Liking it.

Responses from candidates for the upcoming General Election 2007 in Ireland on gay marriage.

iQ Content did a nice piece on Political Party websites. Not much regard for any of them at all.

Spam scammers now using the Haughey dynasty name. 🙂 Greeting gentle brave sir kind, I am Abwallah Maureen Inshoota Haughey…

This here is the blog of Denise Heffernan, it isn’t my blog.

Will it blend is old school. How about Will it freeze?

ElectSusie.com – Using your kid to make a point. Is it exploitation in itself to use a kid to campaign for child health care?

My name is Susie Flynn. I am running for President of the United States of America to help the nine million children who have no health insurance. This is a crisis. These children have been let down, yet the people accountable are doing too little to solve it.

Her announcement to run (Very slick production) – Viewed 2,606 times:

Her message to Congress:

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – April 19th 2007”

  1. dahamsta says:

    It is exploitation to use your kid, but are they using the kid. There’s some very bright kids out there, it’s possible she decided to do it herself?

  2. Caoimhin says:

    Hey Damien, thanks a million for the kind words about my blog, and congratulations to you for a great site! Cheers.