Twatter – Twitter couldn’t get more shitter

Well that was a hoot. I can’t even get my password reset on the god-forsaken Twitter. I removed the Twitter status widget on my blog too. I signed up to twitter so I could make quick status reports that would reach my blog and I couldn’t even do that as it didn’t verify my mobile. I certainly didn’t want to send sms spam to friends or get spam about what they were up to. I’m sure I’ll have egg on my face when Twitter has their IPO or whores themselves to Google for hundreds of millions.

In the mean time, can anyone recommend an alternative to this? Or do I have to go and get a mobile and create an interface between it and my computer and run some software that pulls off SMSs and loads them on to my site for the public to read? I’d rather not do that, being a non-techy and without patience for these things. Ideally and without using email, I’d love to be able to send text messages and multimedia messages to my blog. Can anyone suggest a cheap method to do that in Ireland?

I think I should reg to allow people to express their dislike of twitter.

5 Responses to “Twatter – Twitter couldn’t get more shitter”

  1. David Doran says:

    I’ve been waiting two days for my phone number to validate after I sent the text message. I only signed up because I read your other post and I can confirm Twitter’s Shitiness.

  2. Do you want those messages to be in a sidebar or just regular posts? If it’s regular posts then just go to your WordPress Admin Panel in Options->Writing and set it up. Most modern mobiles can send messages to email addresses as easily as sending an SMS. If you use the Postie plugin then you can even send picture messages straight to the blog.

    Have a great Christmas Damien.

  3. Rowan says:

    There’s also Jaiku. Based in Finland, and employing my friend Andy.

  4. Andrew says:

    I think you should try register for Twitter again. You can’t just let a website beat you like that!