The Twitter sign-up is stupid

6 fucking attempts to sign in because of a shitty captcha system and because the username I wanted was taken. We’re all gone web 2.0 right? So maybe do what Vox does and tell you the username is taken as you type it in. Simple. Also how about also NOT asking for a picture until the username is accepted and the captcha is accepted? It’s more than annoying to have to rechoose the pic again AND again if your username is rejected and the captcha is too hard for a human to bloody read! Oh, hang on, after signing in, it seems to have accepted the pic. Good but annoying since it did not say this.

Still waiting for my mobile number to be verified. Any year now thanks…

So this is my Twitter profile.

Ok, a brief explanation for those that don’t know what Twitter is. It’s a way of group texting someone I suppose. You can text a twitter mobile number and it updates your twitter page on twitter but it also sends it to a list of subscribers who can be on twitter or on their mobiles or on IM. You can send a twitter message via text, via IM or on the web on the site itself. Or at least that’s what the brochure says. I just wanted it so I could send teeny tiny blog posts via a text message. But the mobile part isn’t working for me. If there’s other services out there like Twitter, let me know.

9 Responses to “The Twitter sign-up is stupid”

  1. Bah, usernames are so web 1.0 though many sites havent realised it yet.

    email addresses is where its at – makes so much more sense.

  2. Damien says:

    The username is your twitter url. You wouldn’t want our email displayed to the public, would you? 🙂

  3. Twenty Major says:

    What the fuck is Twitter? I can’t be arsed to go look at it to find out.

  4. I was lucky to sail straight into the sign-up process and have enjoyed a fortnight as a bona fide Twit. In that time, I’ve landed in the middle of a prime time television segment, unfrozen my central locking system and received a heads-up on a Gatwick issue–all from the 25 souls in my Twitter entourage. The whole thing can descend into banality but there’s a lot to be said for well-oiled group text and Twitter can give you that if you control the texters you’re following.

  5. Kieran says:

    Wow. With all the Christmas buildup I have fallen so far behind on my blog reading that I also haven’t a faintest notion what a Twitter is. Well, I guess that’s why we have holidays!

  6. Pyramid spam scheme for mobiles, as far as I can make out. I’ve filed it with Myspace in the box marked “Naked Emperor References”.

    (Sometimes, it’s not that you don’t get it, it’s just that it really is shite.)

  7. walter says:

    >> (Sometimes, it’s not that you don’t get it, it’s just that it really is shite.)

    heheh. Twitter is one of those services you sign up for, get quickly annoyed by (see bernie’s comment on selecting friends), then swear never to go back to.
    A bit like second-life really.

  8. Thing is, I’ve nicked an iPod Nano for EUR 50 and a TV interview over Twitter during the first fortnight on it. Select your friends carefully and you’ll do better than wading through the dross that decorates most blogging aggregators.

    I you communicate textually with collaborators who deliver, you will find value in Twitter. However, you cannot mindlessly grope around and add friends for the sake of getting nudged endlessly.

    Based on the way most people handle their mobile and IM connections, I cannot recommend Twitter to the average person.

  9. […] Well that was a hoot. I can’t even get my password reset on the god-forsaken Twitter. I removed the Twitter status widget on my blog too. I signed up to twitter so I could make quick status reports that would reach my blog and I couldn’t even do that as it didn’t verify my mobile. I certainly didn’t want to send sms spam to friends or get spam about what they were up to. I’m sure I’ll have egg on my face when Twitter has their IPO or whores themselves to Google for hundreds of millions. […]