Starting a business in 2014? Some thoughts

The end of a year and the start of a new one is the most common time to think about changing job or starting your own company. I’ve written a lot about working for myself and taken shots (some cheap) at various industries through the years. Mostly when I write blog posts I write them for myself. Not for traffic, not to get links back but as a mechanism to put into words the various thoughts and imagery that are swirling around in my brain. Writing for me makes me understand my thinking on various topics, makes me understand myself.

I’m sure at this stage many of these are wrong but here are some posts from me on my thoughts on business and tech through the years. My favourite on this topic is the first one:

And? You can always go back to living in mediocrity.

If you’re young and want to do a tech startup, leave Ireland.

When people react in a negative way to what you’re doing, fuck em. Pork in Every Fucking Dish.

Get yourself inspired. The web will give you infinite possibilities.

Be your own hero. Stop with all those bloody business autobiographies.

Don’t hire anyone, ever.

Failed means you at least tried. Fail fast, fail cheap.

Fuck traditional things you need to have, fuck brochures, have a comic.

Just start.

You have to do public speaking, you have to do conferences, you have to do sales. So get up, sweat like a sweaty thing and get used to it. Start small and do many iterations.

Get yourself a business communications bible.

One Response to “Starting a business in 2014? Some thoughts”

  1. lisamareedom says:

    I started a business but it was with the support of a husband with full-time employment and a full time wage that paid our bills. He weathered 3 years of recession being re-hired but has not worked for 12 months. Grown ups with mortgages and special needs kids cannot live in share houses on ramen and red bull while nurturing their start ps. They need a living wage while they talk people into believing in their dream while they find a revenue stream. There needs to be a hot house venture capital scheme which funds salaries for visionaries who don’t want to become registered charities but do want to do social good and I want ethical good people to invest on that and get a return.

    BTW: I give good public speaking. I give fucking awesome conference and you would buy all the things I sell. I just need a “survival stream”

    Have a fucking brilliant New Year Godfather. 2013 sucked arse. 2014 needs to burn that shit down.