Be your own hero

Some thoughts as 2008 gently comes to a close. This is the sister post to And?

Why look up at sports gods, business giants or famous entertainers? Be your own hero. Expect excellence from yourself. Expect a high standard. What you expect of those giants, expect of yourself. Line yourself up for challenges and work really damned hard to make sure you carry them out and you won’t be disappointed even if you don’t manage to complete them. Why should a stranger get your adulation when you youself should get it? Love yourself. (Not in the making-you-go-blind-way) I see so many people reading business books and biographies of business people and hear them recounting to everyone how these business people are brilliant and worthy of praise. They are but feck that. Why not do and create and build and compete with them? It’s not a monopoly that they hold.

Be your own hero in 2009, you all deserve some adulation. You might be my hero for being your own hero. (Begin infinite loop)

And then there’s this:

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9 Responses to “Be your own hero”

  1. James says:

    As i type, that paragraph is being printed and stuck on my wall.

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  3. Kieran says:

    Brilliant, Damien! Not a bad video, either, although it brought me some odd flashbacks…

  4. roosta says:

    excellent sentiment…..bookmarked for future reference over 2009.

  5. Darragh says:

    You’ve got a bit of a talent for start of the year posts Damien. This one was a big influence on me in 08, the hero one will be in 2009. Cheers for all the encouragement during the year.

  6. Thanks Darragh, I very much appreciate that.

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  8. redmum says:

    Mmhh why do I want to sing ‘I can be your hero baby’ :)

  9. Paul says:

    This is so relevant as we begin again in 2014. Spot on. Thanks Damien.