What didn’t happen at the Web Awards

Being a Mulley type awards gig, we try and make it as informal and fun as we can. Or childish. Sometimes this is the same thing.

I had an idea for the Web Awards that we could start handing goodies in the form of sweets out to people in the audience. Then when I fleshed this out I thought a fun way to do this is to package the sweets in airline trays and hand them out row by row. And to make it more fun again I envisaged drag queens (it is my objective to have drag queens be involved in some way in a Mulley gig in the next while just to intimidate and amuse some straightlaced hetero males) dressed up as trolley dollys handing out the trays to rows of people. A combination of the High Life and Willy Wonka.


Sourcing the trays was the issue though. Drag queens are a plenty. I think I would have had to buy at least 100,000 units in order to get the trays. Did my best to find local sources but nobody seemed to get access to a supplier. Ah well, another time.

Still, we did have Pushcakes from Curious Cupcakes. Cupcakes done like pushpop lollipops.

Photo by The Sociable.

6 Responses to “What didn’t happen at the Web Awards”

  1. I can’t believe I actually started to poke around looking for options on this (I’ve about 20 tabs open looking at different suppliers) … started looking at items like this http://www.ebay.ie/itm/433-5-Budget-Quality-Plastic-Rectangular-Platter-Lid-/130564052446?pt=UK_BOI_Restaurant_RL&var=&hash=item641fa7b50f#ht_1524wt_1163 as a substitute for the main serving tray part or perhaps http://www.ebay.ie/itm/50-615-7-Plastic-disposable-4-cavity-lunchbox-lid-/130440579186?pt=UK_BOI_Restaurant_RL&hash=item1e5edd4872#ht_1296wt_1163

    I think I’ll stop now 🙂

  2. Haha, thanks James!

  3. Lisamareedom says:

    Can’t believe I missed push-pop cupcakes! Promise me if you do get those trays you’ll let me pretend to be a drag queen and run around saying Coffee!

  4. As always Damien it was a great night but I have to admit I had issues with the Pushcakes because of all the plastic packaging. I am no environmentalist, being a designer I love my packaging and lord knows i like my cakes but I had a hard time with these.
    What about cardboard airline trays? I am sure a printer could make them up in smaller units. Plus it would be easier to brand them Mulley Airlines 🙂

  5. DC Cahalane says:

    Mulley Airlines….. now there’s an idea. Fast, speedy, friendly, efficient, yet abrupt service with drag queen air hostesses.

    Now that’d be an interesting charity calendar!