Paris update

Some videos from Paris so far:

Eiffel Tower sparkling at night:

Hall of Mirrors in Versailles:

The Mona Lisa, the most photographed painting in the world and the crowds capturing her essence:

And best:
A rotating Swarovski crystal Jesus for sale for €1500 in Notre Dame Cathedral:

One Response to “Paris update”

  1. Polly Pierce says:

    The sound track of the Mona Lisa video is somewhat reminiscent of a hive of bees.

    It was, however, more like a proverbial swarm on Bastille Day, when the Louvre is free of charge and packed to the gunnel’s with would be art lovers of all shapes and sizes. Even the kids aged 11 & 8 were convinced that they were the only ones under her watchful and beady eyes.

    Ah, what happy memories of phoning home to Ireland to arrange a meeting with the rest of the family in the café downstairs for post viewing beverages. You guessed it, the battery in the mobile had died, my Mum nearly died and we had to resuscitate the other half of our party due to dehydration…