Fluffy Links – Wednesday May 6th 2009

Three Mobile called IrelandOffline ill-informed? Eh no. IrelandOffline have an army of people who know their stuff. More ignorant engagements from Three Mobile. Nothing surprising there.

Tom has a great offer. Want €2k worth of Online Marketing help? Apply.

Gavin has put the whole lot of the Ansbacher report online.

A little web app for reddit, predicting how many votes a submission will get based on past submissions. Predict Reddit

Hard hat Day. From the Niall Mellon Township Trust. Hard Hat emblems will be on sale nationwide for €3.00.

Adrian Weckler takes Terry Prone to task.

Nice interview from Kevin Dunne with Steve Rappaport.

Two interesting talks coming up in the National Concert Hall. Allan Pease and Mindmap god Tony Buzan.

Nice one. Pew Internet now sharing their presentations.

Nice history of how Virgin Airlines used PR stunts to get attention when they didn’t have a big marketing budget.

Via Gamma Oh how I laughed. I’ll be done for blasphemy again.

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