Fluffy Links – Thursday May 7th 2009

Ireland steals Lauren away from Brighton. Welcome to Ireland. Lauren is a friend and is a genuine social media expert and is now in Ireland showing us how it’s done. Have a chat with her if you want to run some online campaigns.

Kieran is spot on. Tesco removing Irish produce from shelves is bad for all of us.

This is why Stephen Fry rocks.

Glen of the Downs Craft Centre needs some help.

Via Keith. Enterprise Ireland have a blog. Officially.

Attention blogopolis, welcome Ronan Gallagher to the fun and freedom of blogging. Or don’t. Be that way.

Not the official anthem of Libertas.

50 Cars, one bus. Good statement on the environment.

Coolness. Art student paints car so it blends into background.

Via Outside Line, great ad for Google Chrome. Very Apple.

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