Fluffy Links – Thursday April 23rd 2009

Adrian has a nice way of tackling those moaning about Twitter.

Via Fergus: One London policeman talks about the stupid terrorism line.

Via Justin: The Emergency has a blog.

Toilets for aliens. Really!

Zip your Tweetie. Twink is on Twitter?

Yeah I was on Q&A.

Got this from somewhere, RC plane gets a bit too close to a jet plane:

And via Kottke is the bike-fu from this guy:

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2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday April 23rd 2009”

  1. Tipster says:

    Some cycling.

    The video prompted my first use of Street View. The combination shops at 4.40 into the video, where he is jumping across the end of an alley way over the shop fronts at first floor level, is Morrison Street Edinburgh. Ah, the power of the Intarweb

  2. Brock Landers says:

    How is that possibly a “nice way” to tackle someone who moans about twitter?