– Gamechange

John Handelaar finally released it after some of us were made aware and were sitting on the edges of our seats waiting for it. What is it? Every word, every phrase, every double-speaking utterance from the Oireachtas since 2004 (for now). All searchable, sortable and subscribable. You can even email subscribe for keywords or phrases and get alerted., they’re working for you afterall.

Cassidy Donie
Photo owned by Fiona MacGinty (cc)

2 Responses to “ – Gamechange”

  1. TUG says:

    Ah, the bould Senator Donie Cassidy and his mthical 25% overall increase in the property market from April 2007 to 2008… Would the Senator like to declare an interest???

    “It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.”

    All this information was available previously, I’m sorry, ok, they’ve made it a little handier to search it but honestly, I don’t get the big deal with Kildarestreet…

  2. @TUG: You’ll see its utility soon enough. KildareStreet is an exercise in data mining, which previously wasn’t possible. Searching is only the tip; it’s also about tracking behaviour and trends within the Oireachtas.