Small Business Can and Will thanks to a new site

I recently got a call from the guys behind the website Small Business Can about how they could go about getting attention for their service that brings experienced business people together with people looking for business advice. The site is launched and live and a full press campaign is happening very soon. Ulster Bank like the positivity so much they’re giving some support and some media outlets too but the service is always going to be independent and non-commercial.

Small Business Can

The whole idea is that the creators of it are putting in their time to give something back to the business community in Ireland. The site isn’t sexy and there are many areas that can be Web 2.0ified but the information on it is very practical. I was impressed with the intent and passion of the people enough that I’ve volunteered my time to help them spread the word. The people behind this are Greg Byrne, Ron Immink and Fionan Murray.

To begin with you figure out at what stage your company is at and you can access resources at each stage then. The stages are Startup, Emerging, Rapid Growth and Next Level. From there you look at the 4 Ms (yes yes it’s very Mnemonicy) in your selected stage which are Marketing and Sales, Management, Money and Motivation. There’s a map or maze! for the resources under there. More articles will be added over time and if you want to contribute any, I believe they’ll be welcome and might be put up after the information is verified.

Naturally the articles will never cover everything so there is a discussion forum on the site too where you can post questions without having to register. It is hoped to get enough people contributing there with questions and answers to build a good body of knowledge and be a place of positive encouragement.

They’ll also be looking to collate case studies, success and well-earned-scars stories for others to look at so keep looking at the site as maybe you know someone or it could be yourself. They’ve also done a few videos with way more to happen. I’ll be getting them to blog, use Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and drag them into 2009. 🙂

Some of the founders will be around in Cork on Thursday evening if people want to meet with them and have a chat. For those that have blogs or are on Twitter and Facebook or take part in discussion forums, please consider pointing people to Small Business can.

Oh yes and want to demo your company/product at the Science Gallery? See here.

9 Responses to “Small Business Can and Will thanks to a new site”

  1. Christian says:

    Great idea by the three lads. I’ve had an aweful lot of friends ask me about where they could get advice without having to approach (pay for) an agency or consultant, when they’re really still at a starting point. I’ll certainly share the site around to everyone I can think of who’d benefit.

    Any ideas if they’re likely to be around Dublin for a similar informal chat?

  2. Yup they should be soon, going to try and arrange a date.

  3. There was a lot about this in Ulster Bank’s Merchant newsletter which I think we received about 2 weeks ago, so I think the publicity is well underway. It looks like a really good site.

  4. Fionan says:

    Damien has been spot on in his description of what smallbusinesscan is about. The reason he ‘got it’ is probably because you guys have been helping each other out on the web for years. Fair dues.

    As traditional old economy business people we’re only catching up and I completely take on board comments that we need to be dragged into 2009 – certainly in the area of the web.

    When we talk about SMEs we’re talking about all and any business that’s starting up or are well on their way – either in the old economy or in the new economy.

    Its certainly been a revelation to me to meet people harnassing the power of the web and building business around new technologies such as iPod and gaming, as examples.

    Hopefully smallbusinesscan will provide an engagement platform and pull knowledge together that will allow business people develop the idea, fund it, find distrubtion, understand how to brand, learn the importance of selling, get advice on cracking new markets etc.

    We’re also going to try and meet off line for workshops around topics that the site throws up.

    If any of you are looking to develop an idea, are looking for advice or have a question to ask..throw it up on the site. People want to help! And if you think you can help, please do.

  5. Nev Farrell says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m just throwing my nose in to say well done to Greg, Ron and Fionan. Also, well done to yourself and Ulster Bank for throwing the oars behind it. I think thatit is projects and initiatives like these that will help Ireland excel out of the recession.

    I admire the work that has been done in the recession, and can I just say on the record, that Irish People aren’t any more intelligent than Americans or British people, despite what you hear about. But the talent that lies within the Irish, moreso than any other culture in Ireland is that when we fight, we fight together.

    This is just another example of people muddling together to help each other become better and keep afloat during the bad times and to keep them smart during the good times.

    I really like your idea, and if you guys need any help, Damien has my email address from this comment, and I’d be happy to do whatever dirty work you want me to do.

  6. McAWilliams says:

    Just finished recording Adverts for these guys, sounds like a great idea and great having Ulster Bank behind it!

    Hope you approve the ads now! hehe

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  8. Cormac says:

    A big congrats to Greg, Ron and Fionan, its a great idea and I wish you the best. The team have a wealth of knowledge and know a thing or two about startup’s and business in general.

  9. Fionan says:

    McA. Just heard the ads. They sound fantastic. One gripe..couldn’t you get any one with a Cork accent…boy!