Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 11th 2008

Congrats on the Swords Express for kicking Noel Dempsey’s ass, it seems.

Congrats to Pinstripe too who won Best Internet & ICT Award at their Chambers awards.

Bennigans, Mahon Point, Cork
. Pat Phelan has worst meal of his life there.

We’ve had BarCamps, now one more focused on business – Bizcamp.

This might have legs:

Enda Kenny as Eddie Hobbs. Seriously. Can you imagine if Enda did a sort of Hobbs voiceover to Oireachtas Report? I’m Enda Kenny, and today I’m meeting Brian Lenihan, who works as a government minister. Brian’s having trouble with his budget and I’m going to help him by showing him where to cut back. Later in the year, I’ll go back to visit Brian, to see how he’s getting on.

Close the border quick!

Movies on YouTube, soon.

The most downloaded (legal) song in history is this? And all because of a TV show. What does that mean dear sociologists?

Wind turbines and lasers!

Crikey, this teenager is one brave soul.

How many guys in Spider-Man suits can fit inside Jamba Juice

Dan Ariely goes to Google to discuss his book “Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions:

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday November 11th 2008”

  1. Donal says:

    “Though no terms of the settlement were outlined in court, it now means both the bus services may continue to use the shortcut on their city centre routes.”

    if both can still use the tunnel then didn’t swords express loose?

  2. Sinéad says:

    Belated thanks for the fluffying!