What are ComReg up to these days?

Well according to the eTenders site, the Telecoms Poodle are

Looking to hire someone to write a report for them on the Digital Dividend:

To enter into a contract (commencing on 31 July 2008) for the provision consultancy advice for the Commission for Communications Regulation (hereafter referred to as ComReg) on a suitable approach to its Digital Dividend strategy. It is intended that the consultants will produce a report, based on experience of other countries, which have begun implementing Digital Dividend, and an overview of Digital Dividend strategies adopted there to ensure that consumers will benefit from the future release of Digital Dividend spectrum.

The Digital Dividend is that spectrum released when analogue TV is switched off. Something that will not happen for years in Ireland I should think, though it’s meant to be 2012 in most places. The EU has yet to make a proper decision on it and some consultation about it is meant to happen later this year.

Ofcom, a proper telecoms regulator started their consultation in 2005 on this and another this month.

Another report needed on the shutting down of GSM frequency bands and telcos moving to full 3G.

The purpose of this tender is to engage the services of an experienced and suitably qualified professional contractor to analyse the technical implications of liberalisation of the 900MHz and 1800MHz GSM bands, taking into account the expiry dates of existing GSM licences on behalf of the Commission.

And finally a tender to Build and run a call centre for ComReg. Ah handy, outsourcing their “Hah, you must be joking, that’s not our problem, go back to your telco and sort it amongst yourselves.” phoneline. Surely a recording would do?

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