Young Fine Gael sing Enda Enda Enda

Can anyone decode the lyrics? It mentions Bertie and Harney. I’m actually impressed (no really) with the clever lyrics that I can make out. Gift Grub material, almost. The person that uploaded this video called them bigots, I don’t see how. Boggers maybe.

One Response to “Young Fine Gael sing Enda Enda Enda”

  1. Cllr. Sean says:

    This is the National Executive of Young Fine Gael, with the current vice President, Liam Quinn, being the main Simon-Cowell-reject-act.

    Have a look at the current Young Fine GAel National Executive and you’ll identify most of the faces:

    It’ no wonder they made a co*k up of the Lisbon Treaty, who would elect these gombeen men to anything….