Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 10th 2008

Oh look, the Business Post talks about the plans of the Irish Times. I think I mentioned that a while back.

Alan in Belfast talks about the new Belfast Mayor. Isn’t he a bit like someone from the League of Gentlemen?

Via Joël Céré What makes a good viral ad?

Cava in Galway
, nice Spanish food. Great Tapas. Price is so so, certainly not cheap.

Via Russell Daily Monsters.

Is this guy an honest politician or just a blunt one?

280 Slides. Apple employees build an online version of Keynote, a Powerpoint Competitor. Will they bought back into Apple?

Darth Vader theme on a Ukelele.

A nice new interface for ATMs.

This seems like a fake from Time Trumpet.

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday June 10th 2008”

  1. The ATM design changes are pretty enough but I’m not convinced that the design as a whole is better in terms of a UI experience. For example, the ‘frequently used’ menu on the left hand side shown seems to have two pretty much identical options for cheque deposit. Couple of other things but no point going into them here – just seems that they take the view of ‘prettier = better design’

  2. Eoghan says:

    It looks cool BUT… what’s wrong with an ATM UI written in curses? Seriously, I wonder if full-on graphical ATM interfaces have been in use long enough for people to form ideas about what really works well. I know I haven’t been using them. Do I really care if my balance appears with a jQuery style fade-in effect? How the heck will a blind user use it?

    +1 to James

  3. Philip says:

    Any idea when the Irish Times will be free?