Perlico sending out deceptive flyers to try and win new customers

Got the below flyer in the letterbox this morning. It was only when I got to the very end that I realised it was a Perlico flyer. It was designed like it was some kind of service announcement from eircom which got me to read it thinking my service would be going down or something. I don’t think it is very wise to try and trick potentially new customers and I really think using eircom colours and branding too like eircom’s is in any way kosher. Complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority and ComReg lodged. Win my business with pricing and service not fraud.



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  1. aris maniago says:

    got my broadband connection with perlico 3 days ago and had poor connection problems since day 1. never experience it with my previous provider eircom, mind you they are a little bit more expensive than perlico but too late to realize now that saving a little extra euro its not worth the hassle and stress, never mind the endless phonecalls to perlico internet support which did not help solve the problem at all. paying 3mb at the moment but only getting a lot less than 1mb at most times. most times it wont even connect to the net. constantly running the network repair wizard on a daily basis too! i am using to check on my broadband speed now to check if there is an improvement on the connection. unfortunately, i have to stay with them for 12 months since it is stated in their contract. is there anything we can do to get out/sort out the mess? any advice welcome. tnx