Fluffy Links – Tuesday May 6th 2008

The people of Cuba are allowed to purchase PCs at long last. I’m sure many played around with homemade ones anyway and nicked ones. I’d love to see what they created themselves, it’s amazing what they have done with their cars from the 1950s. Ingenuity, it seems, thrives in environment where there’s scarcity.

This Niall McElwee thing is full of twists isn’t it?

Loving the new and free Nine Inch Nails album. Loving the way they are marketing this even more. Pay attention record industry.

Read this piece about Gary Vaynerchuk. Fascinating guy. A total energy bunny and a very rich man thanks to blogs and videos.

Not a sitcom a SATcom. A comedy you download to your GPS device set on a motorway journey. A really interesting blend of technology and art.

So someone already made an open source of Microsoft Photosynth and it looks like an open source version of their surface table thing is available too. Imagine if Microsoft themselves open sourced their model? Better yet, the Zen, it might sell more than a million!

Uh gawd. Barbie’s makers try and spin a “green” campaign from leftovers of the most eco-unfriendly toys in the world. This will not end well.

New Irish blog called Scumberculosis. Pithy political and cultural commentary?

The “Bertie, Take Enda With You” Facebook group now has almost 400 members. There are 50 people around the country sporting the badges too.

Meanwhile another tribute to Bertie.

Via You Ain’t No Picasso, Tom Waits announces some US tour dates. Ireland to follow?


Death Cab for Cutie – All is full of love

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday May 6th 2008”

  1. NIN album is great! Nine Inch Nails is touring the US and Canada this summer, with headline dates being made available to registered nin.com members in advance of public sales. Wonder will they expand these dates to a world tour? – Maybe visit Ireland? Here’s hoping!

  2. Anthony McG says:

    Have never listened to NIN. Must give them a shot.

    Heard about Vaynerchuk via a Qik video Kevin Rose shot. Seems to really know his stuff and has created an great personal brand.

  3. […] writes: “Ingenuity, it seems, thrives in environment where there’s […]