Ryan Whalley deserved that Special Recognition Award so so soooo much. If you need someone to make you look good, Ryan is just ace. He’s a genius with a camera. Hire him to do the clicky clicky thing. He’s a photo ninja. The rest of his photos from the Blog Awards are up now and they’re pretty amazing.

Damien Mulley and the Mulley look

El Rickisante:
Rick O'Shea or El Presidente

El Rick with his haul. Smug? Yes.
Rick and the trophies

Brendan and a cuppa:
Brendan Zen Master Kehoe

Colm Modern InFactah Cadence:
Colm Bracken

Steven and Deargh:
Some of the Blog Awards behind the scene folks

An event isn’t a real event until Una dances on some tables. We win!
Una dances

Una and her friends. Trés hot:
Una and her posse

Yeah. Ryan suggested it, I swear:
Lick El Rick

14 Responses to “Genius”

  1. TenaciousT says:

    Oh thank god you have pics with the names of people- was talking with Colm and just could not remember his name come Sunday…too much vodka by that stage of the night! Definitely great photos to go with a great night!

  2. ryan says:

    woo, look at me ma, I’m an award winning genius! \o/

    I’m now taking bookings for the 2008 season for my impromptu drunken black & white series.

  3. […] The best part of the night was after the ceremony and trying to find the people I have actually been chatting with/commenting on….no Nay or Shane but eventually found Sinead and Cillian (who I knew from Nadines program but didn’t know he was The Obscure Remix!)  Rick of course was easy to spot with his two awards and copious amounts of whisky’s…best balancing act ever!  Had some good quick chats with some of the others as well- AoifeMc up at the bar, Twenty and another guy who’s name I just can’t remember (male- jacket with glasses…was at the first blog awards…talked with Sinead for a good bit…arghh too much vodka at that stage!)   [EDIT]-it was Colm from Modern Cadence…finally saw a pic with a name on Mulleys post!  […]

  4. […] That is the greatest photo in the history of the universe ever. Taken by this Superhero. Found on this super blog post here by Captain Mulley. […]

  5. Anthony says:

    Some truly great photos from that set.

  6. caitriona says:

    yep! ryan truly is a photo-legend. those pics are awesome. for documentary purposes are people willing to comment on the photos they’re in? or is that revealing too much information?

  7. Adam says:

    Some fantastic photos in that collection – Ryan really has an eye for them.

    By the looks of things I evaded him and his lens for the most part, though; I’ve only spotted one out-of-focus me in the background of one picture!

  8. Trinity says:

    Poser! 🙂

    Some fantastic shots there!

  9. he truly is a genius behind that camera. The best part was there was only one pic of me from the entire night. That’s how I like it 🙂

    Well deserved award ryan!

  10. Elana says:

    Man, D, you should be careful. You don’t know where that face has been….

  11. Damien says:

    @elana and my tongue is pure?

  12. Rick says:

    What was worse than being licked on the face by that randomer, whoever he was, was him them complaining I tasted salty 😛

  13. UnaRocks says:

    awesome pics!

  14. John says:

    I’ve been a fan of his work for a while, some of his colour stuff seems a bit over done in the dodge and burning section* but the guy has talent and a fantastic eye for a photo.

    *freely admit to armchair quaterbacking here and no hope of ever matching his skill.