Fakeblogging wakeup call to Irish PR/morketing companies – Shane’s turn

There’s one of these a week at this stage. This time from Shane. Seriously guys when it comes to blogs and fakeblogging and fake campaigns the truth will out at a much faster rate than in traditional media. Anyways G’wan Mr. Hegarty. Fresh from crowdsurfing at the Irish Blog Awards, Shane has sharpened his bit of glass and is gutting the people behind some fakeblogging peanut campaign. When it got bad reactions they deleted the comments too.

However, not everything goes to plan. Comments come in telling you it’s not a real blog, and wondering if Glenda Gilson deserves any more publicity. They go up, but they’re taken down again.

Now here’s a Fake bag:
Fake shit
Photo thanks to SubliminalPudding

I was laughing away at this and then Shane updated the post to point out it’s my buds Thinkhouse PR that are behind it. The ones that fibbed about the Data Protection Commissioner apologising to them after I made a complaint (which was upheld) that they spammed me. It seems Pareto 3D are the ones that regged the fakeblog though. Loving the blurb from them:

Pareto 3D is an experiential marketing agency that commences a dialogue between your brand and your consumer

And then there’s ThinkHouse PR:

We are in touch. We understand the culture of Irish media. We have embraced new-media and use it as a key component of all our PR campaigns

Arghhh. I’m cringing here. I know Thinkhouse don’t like me and justifiably so but mon dieux (as he channels Delboy) could they not talk to real bloggers who know how this stuff can work without resorting to this. Talk to Elly Parker or Deborah Hadley or Lentil Bohanna or Tom Raftery or Brassy Dent about using a real blog to pimp wares which will not get any blowback. Fakeblogging simply won’t work in Ireland. Sabrina and Lucky Oliver are a good casemodel on how to do it right. At this stage I’d be willing to hold some kind of masterclass to all these companies for free if they promise to listen to the advice given over the day and to NOT try these stunts again. I’m deadly serious here. Am sure others feel the same too.

BTW, I do appreciate the linklove for the Blog Awards and Gastronom.ie sites though. Chairs.

9 Responses to “Fakeblogging wakeup call to Irish PR/morketing companies – Shane’s turn”

  1. elly parker says:

    I’d certainly be up for helping you give that class!

  2. I got that press release today and I honestly didn’t have a clue what was going on. Now maybe it’s deadline day related density on my part but dear God what a mess of a promotion.

  3. Sabrina Dent says:

    Fuck. Usually I get called “strident.” If I’m being relegated to brassy I think it’s time to touch up my roots.

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  5. M Buckley says:

    When it comes to Blogging, we are all a bit in the dark.

  6. Lentil Bohanna. Can’t see it catching. Better than Brassy Bohanna though.

    And not in a month of Sunday’s would I give these guys free time 🙂


  7. 73man says:

    Go to http://www.fullbooks.com/ and copy and paste to your heart’s content.

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  9. Alain says:

    Someone beat you to it with that fake bag last October – an even faker version, in fact.
    See HERE.