UL Young Fine Gael now threatening me with legal action

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Update: Young Fine Gael in UL have said that Eoin Brazil had no authority to make such legal threats on their behalf.

12 Responses to “UL Young Fine Gael now threatening me with legal action”

  1. Crazy-Internet-legal-threat-tastic, Batman!

  2. Colin says:

    I do hate it when people bandy about defamation threats when they clearly have no idea what they’re talking about.

    Defamation of a political society? You can defame a company or a person but a society? Unless you’re talking about a particular person good luck (ignoring the fact that it’s a political society which brings in elements of the Reynolds public interest defence)

    Which brings me onto the next point – if you ARE talking about particular parties then you have the defence of justification – in other words if it’s the truth you can’t claim for jack.

    Having said that (and Damien I presume this is why you didn’t respond to the “name and shame” incitements) publishing specific names could constitute an excess of publication. Potentially defamatory claims are privileged if being addressed to those parties with a legitimate interest in the statement

    Back to school boys

  3. UL Young Fine Gael are not threatening Damien with legal action.

    The person that made that comment is neither a member, nor a representative of UL YFG or YFG.

    I can set up a call between Damien and the chairwoman of the UL branch to assure him that no such legal action is even being considered

  4. braz says:

    Damien, firstly I’m not a member of YFG, I was and proud to say it, a former chair of the branch in UL. A harder, working, more decent bunch. I haven’t spoken to any of them about this matter and was more than a little annoyed about you’re dragging them into this sorry little episode. They have not said anything about sueing, but given the approach you’ve taken I’m sure it something that’s might be a consideration but again that’s my personal view. If you want to go `report’ on items maybe you should fact check first. To clarify, as well FG have no context in this either.

    If you want to drag the name of something thru the mud, where that something be a society, club, or organisation you really need to have a bit more in the line than hearsay and pub talk.

    I’m still annoyed very much about you’re treatment of such a good society and if my comments were cranky, well tough. I think you shouldn’t go picking on them for something in this case they had nothing or no relation to.

    There seems to be a serious personal issue between you and a number of people which has dragged the good name of others (one society in particular) into this. I’d like to again point out this had nothing to do with any political organisation and that their name be removed. Does it matter that I was once a member of the Games society here and does that mean they could now be brought into some kind of post where no member has any clue as to what is going on.

    To clarify to other posters, from my hearing of this tale, there has been no stalking bar the reading of publicly posted internet information. No threats of any kind barring my heady spurn of the moment post where I felt that a recourse to the courts might be warranted for dragging others into something which has zero, absolutely zero to do with them.

    If people like the clubs or societies they are or were involved with, of course they feel something when they’re names are incorrectly blackened. That was my bone and I’m sorry Damien if you don’t like it, but the story has never had anything to do with UL YFG and you should reflect this in your post.

  5. Eoin,

    “I’d like you to retract your comments about YFG and UL YFG in particular or you will see the legal side for libel for taking the good name of one of UL societies into another one of your paranoid rants.”

    That’s pretty damned close to threatening libel proceedings.

  6. mikek says:

    Eoin Brazil! There’s an unwelcome blast from the past. I wouldn’t worry
    [Sorry Mike I’m not going to let the rest of the comment through, I will though if you sign your name to it, otherwise Eoin might threaten to sue me again on behalf of the Irish Pigeon Fanciers Association or something. He has a history of threatening to sue you know. ]

  7. Damien

    It would be good if you could name each of these people and say what they did.

  8. Damien,
    your namesake here from Blather.net. With the greatest of respect, you’re not playing this very well. If you’re going to get into a web-based mud-slinging match with a view to this being resolved in a legal setting, you’ve gone a long way towards giving your opponents serious ammunition against you. Telling an entire organisation that they can go ‘fuck themselves’ stoops down lower than the level of those that are alleged to be hassling you. I don’t disagree that you have every right to be pissed at these muppets (it’s precisely the level of infantile, 19th century Punch magazine idiocy that I’ve come come to expect from FG) but you’re giving them exactly what they want – coming off as the proverbial angry, ranting blogger who can’t handle an adult challenge from the self-percieved ‘big boys’. Box clever and stop giving them what they want. There’s a lot of people following this closely and many are laughing. Not with you.

    C’mon man, kick it up a level.

  9. Damien says:

    Yeah I notice all the traffic from your hidden forum alright.

  10. Not hidden. Just private. To keep the filth/lawyers/FG/FF’ers out.

    Getting back to the point: can you see that flaming back gives them what they want? You need to rise above the insults. I’m not saying forever (insulting people online is our God-given right) but when it gets legal, well, to quote a smarter man than both of us ‘when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro’. Stop reacting. Stop giving that twat what he wants. Record all communications between them and you and keep your head. If this does end up in court, a dispassionate record of those communications and evidence of you being professional will go a long way to making your case.

  11. Damien: I think if people are behaving as badly as this, they should be identified. I’d be interested to know more about the stalking, the emails to RTE and especially the interference with nominees in the Blog awards.

    If anyone contacted me like that and told me I wasn’t entitled to be at the awards, I’d tell them to fuck off, but maybe other people might be a bit more timid.

    So therefore, the more information we can have about these people and what they’ve been up to, the better.