Young Fine Gael in UL to issue statement on legal threats

Young Fine Gael in UL have told me they condemn the actions of those who harassed me and assured me the threat by a former member that Young Fine Gael in UL will sue me is untrue. I will post the statement here when it arrives.

Update: Also been chatting to the Students Union who are also waiting for this statement.

Statement from Young Fine Gael in UL:

As chairperson of ULYFG I would like to totally distance this society from the alleged harrassment of you. This has absolutely nothing to do with ULYFG and the three people which you named are not members ULYFG. We totally condem this abuse and I would again like to reiterate that ULYFG has nothing to do this matter. Also we have absolutely no intention threatening legal action either. I hope this clarifies the situation for you.

Yours Sincerly
Gillian Boyle.
Chairperson ULYFG.

7 Responses to “Young Fine Gael in UL to issue statement on legal threats”

  1. So there are some grown ups left in stoodent politics (or at least student politicos who know how to be grown up). That’s nice to see.

    Of course, it looks like there’s still the same orbiting asteroid belt of muppets that hung around student politics when I was a nipper in UCD. Still causing problems for the ‘training-wheels-TDs’.

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  5. Should be in the style of ‘We’re not Brazil, we’re ULYFG’

  6. Hey,
    I’m a former chairperson of UL Young Fine Gael and I was so disappointed to see these posts on your site which I visit often. I also read your articles in the Tribune & listen to your contributions on Marianne Finnucane. I nearly always find you insight and hard work refreshing and original.
    However regarding these posts – I think the least you could have done was to clarify with UL Young Fine Gael (contact could have easily been made through their website or bebo) and see were these two people members.
    In my involvement with UL Young Fine Gael, I have found those who were members over the years to be honourable and proud people trying to do their bit for their fellow students and citizens. I can see your understandable frustration at what seems like a personal vendetta against you, however, for people like me who have spent significant parts of our college life contributing to UL Young Fine Gael – there is a certain amount of hurt felt also.
    Please don’t allow individuals thwart your good and valuable work.

  7. Damien says:

    Shame people can’t read. Do try to do that before making absurd claims yourself while donning the usual hat that says everyone who says something bad about Fine Gael needs to be killed. You’re all as bad as the FF apologists. Young Eoghan Harris’ in the making.