On why Fine Gael as a party can go fuck themselves

There are two members of Fine Gael in UL who have been harassing me, stalking me and as a result damaging my health with their antics. Fine Gael and particularly Simon Coveney’s people have been contacting me about their broadband campaigning and seeking help and today they got told where they can go since their party is breeding these type of people. I am very fucking hostile to Fine Gael over this and that will not change.

It seems that two members in particular have nothing better to do with their time than stalk and harass me online. Whether it be suggesting they are going to get me done under incitement to hatred laws or whether it is emailing the Marian Finucane show and probably other shows and trying to stop them from having me on the air or going through the list of nominees at the Blog Awards and contacting them and telling them they are not entitled to be nominated. Any time anyone mentions me online it seems these people come along and leave comments about me or spinelessly infer things about me. One of them hasn’t got the balls to sign his own name. It’s gotten to the stage where I have had to mark my Twitter account as private as these two people are watching every word I type and logging it and using it to try and damage my character and cause further emotional stress. Completely excessive and obsessive. I no longer feel comfortable or safe being transparent about my work or my travel details because of these two people and I worry for my safety with this obsesssiveness.

But it’s not ending there. I will be seeking legal advice, I will be contacting the employer of one of them, I’ll be conacting UL and I will decide quite soon on whether to call the Gardai on this. Nobody should have to put up with this shit. I’m sure this blog post is giving them the attention they are desperately craving but it’s reality check for those that think blogging is all niceness and full of genuine people.

Note: If I’m contacted either via the comments here or privately by a member of FG in UL, I will consider that a furtherance to their attacks on me and I will in turn act accordingly.

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  1. Whatleydude says:

    Woah – DUDE.

    Ok – so @Topgold on Jaiku mentioned about your 5000th Tweet being tainted and he shared the link..

    Jeez. I read your stuff on and off but don’t normally comment – but bugger me man – sounds rough – why the hell?

    Maybe I need to read back a bit and get the full story..

    Well look – us lot out in the ‘sphere – we don’t take any notice!

    FYI and all that.


  2. Green Ink says:

    I was wondering why I was getting searches for “Damien Mulley Fine Gael” today. Fuck off lads, eh?

  3. Cormac says:

    Are they posting from the postgrad ip address blocks , if so they could be anywhere ….even in Cork itself . They could be a couple of Montenotte Blueshirts doing a Diploma in Communications or something blueshirtish like that .

    Have you complained to UL about this seemingly flagrant abuse of their Systems AUP, do the UL care ??

  4. Anthony says:

    Name and shame the one bloke that does sign his name?

  5. Trinity says:

    Damien, that’s a f&*$king disgrace! What a shower of wankers (pardon the ole French!). A complaint to UL seems first and foremost and definitely a complaint to the Gards.

  6. Donal says:

    Yep. complain to get these guys off your back. Any names?

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  8. Those YFG (I assume they’re the kiddie FGers) types are mighty childish, I’ve had run-ins with them plenty of times.

    Fair play Damien.

  9. It’s not just YFG, most people ‘deeply entrenched’ political types (read rabid fanatics) are pig ignorant aggressive thugs.

    I had the secretary of a cumann of a Fiercely Followed (see what I did there?) party threaten me because he said more than he should have to me once, as if it was somehow my fault he lost his cool and said more than he intended. It bordered on harassment.

    String ’em up Mulley.

  10. See, they are all a shower of wankers. An alternative party required? Blogger party? Fecked_off_with_all_the_others party?

  11. Paul Walsh says:

    @Damien – this is something I’d like to help with. That is, campaign for a better broadband solution in Ireland. What can I do to make it onto the Fine Gale hit list?

  12. Chris says:

    Well the whole thing is pretty disgraceful, however I have no doubt that Fine Gael would distance themselves from the actions of members of Young Fine Gael, and specifically actions of individuals within another organisation.

    I have no doubt that these misguided individuals consider their actions as “enthusiasm” where as in reality it is little short of a disgrace and such behaviour has no place in society, let alone in politics. I have done some very good work with mature and respectful people from the Fine Gael party, I have no doubt I will do more in the future. The key word here is mature.

    In order to engage in political debate one must treat your opponent with respect and acknowledge their view point is different. Often times we can identify the same political goals, but differ on the methods of achieving them. Through respectful and engaged discourse compromise can be found.

    This is a lesson the UL Young Fine Gael members can do well to pay heed to.

  13. Cormac says:

    Did this start around when a Google Search for the words

    Fine Gael Broadband

    Brought this website up first ??

    eg http://tinyurl.com/3ycohe

    If so they are probably l33t Blueshirt SEO and IW specialists .

  14. pat phelan says:

    I saw this last night and couldn’t believe it.
    I have always found you to be fair to the point of being ridiculous, this crap and thats exactly what it is reflects shockingly on the the senior Fine Gael members of which my dad is a long time member (him and his best friend has 80 years between them).
    These little pricks should be expelled on the spot and Fine Gael should have a good look at itself and its young Limerick operation.
    There is no place in Ireland for this kind of behaviour.

  15. John says:

    With the greatest of respect, blaming Fine Gael for the supposed actions of two members is a tad ott. There are thirty thousand or thereabouts FG members, and to expect Fine Gael as a party to regulate everyong of their members behaviour is mad.

    If this behaviour was on behalf of FG, or authorised by FG, then a linkage is appropriate. If not, expecting action from Fine Gael is ridiculous.

  16. Well, that explains your IM status. Harsh, dude.

  17. dahamsta says:

    Name and shame Damien.

    Is Whatleydude speaking english btw? It looks link english, but I’m pretty sure it’s something else.


  18. Never mind new technology, where’s the infrastructure?…

    I’m taking part on a panel tonight to discuss (debate I hope) where is Web technology now, what enabling technologies are happening, where will that drive innovation, what skills will people need and how will this translate in to job demand. The …

  19. cw says:

    Ah, but he’s a lovely little fella with his little beard and all the rest.


  20. Tom Young says:


    Just go for a criminal prosecution. They’re clearly known to you. I’d assume their political careers would soon end rather abruptly. From the above they are easily traceable.


  21. Steve says:

    I have experienced one of these gobsheens leaving comments on my blog as well when I mentioned Damien and they got very nasty.

    These lads/ladies have serious chips on their shoulders and they at the epitomy of everything that is wrong with politics. They only have one view (theirs), listen to no-one, and think they are right about everything.

    I hope their aspiring political careers go to ruins as I would hate them to have a say in our our country moves forward because all they will do is take it backwards.

    Damien…do what you need to do especially if its affecting your health.

  22. Maman Poulet says:

    Thank Blog this is out – I’ve had enough of the related bullying and comments being left on my blog and inferences being made about me, my friendships, intelligence, disability etc.

  23. Any possibility someone would publish copies of the original messages so we could judge for ourselves?

  24. Dermot Casey says:


    unfortunately we only get one life and one body. Do what you need to do to protect yourself. If there is anything that I can do to help let me know. I would certainly be complaining to the Guards and to the College – formal complaints that require disciplinary responses in the case of UL. Particularly if they have been actively harrasing you using College Equipment.

    I reakon Twenty would loan you Throatripper if you asked. Or Grandad might pop around with his shotgun.

    And listen, after everything you have done for the online community in Ireland these two eejits need to be stopped.


  25. Cian says:

    ridiculous Damien, report em and make sure it stops. This crap is damaging and stupid whether its done online or in person.

  26. Damienc says:

    It’s not at all surprising to me that junior members of their party are acting in such a way. FG haven’t been capable of mounting a proper challenge to FF in years and now they seem to have lost control of their plebs. Who can we look to now…Labour? 😐

  27. Notifying the Registrar and President of UL is a good move.. if they have been using college computers (and a backtrace of IP addresses can show that) then they can – at the very least- have their computer use privileges in the college suspended.

    Getting the cops involved is also an option. Of course, once you start that ball rolling we’ll have to wait for the naming and shaming.

    You (or more accurately THEY) might want to consider implications of Section 9 of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001 – created the offence of “dishonest use of a computer”. The penalties are not exactly insignificant on conviction (up to 10 years), but I’m not a lawyer so pointing it out to your legal advisors (if you haven’t already or if they haven’t thought of it already) is probably the best option.

  28. Colm says:

    I went to UL and it’s not the most politically active of colleges. As a result the political parties there are small groups of nutcase extremists who believe you are either with them or the spawn of all evil in the world.

    The best way to get these guys is to report them to the students union and the societies office. All the societies rely on the SU for funding. If you threaten to sue the union for their behaviour then they will have their funding immediately cut and it will be virtually impossible for them to get funding next year. As a result the rest of the YFG members in the college will turn on the two lads.

  29. laura says:

    Damien, I can only assume comments were left elsewhere and were extremely distasteful. I know as a former societies officer in ULSU this would not be tolerated. Drop me a line when you get a chance.

  30. Johnny says:

    I was catching up on blogs last night using feeds on my N95. I could read most of this blog post on my phone but when I clicked on Full Article I was blocked by http://www.bluecoat.com mentioning ‘political/activist groups’. Had to laugh when I seen ‘blue coat’. Anywho, this morning it lets me in.

  31. John says:

    If you threaten to sue the union for their behaviour then they will have their funding immediately cut and it will be virtually impossible for them to get funding next year.

    Why would they? Unless they were acting on behalf of UL YFG, then the branch should not be punished for the actions of two individuals.

    If I get beaten up by two lads from the local football team, does that mean that football team is somehow responsible and should be punished?

  32. Tom Young says:

    I am not sure a Section 9 would stick in this instance. Possibly better with a NOAPA 1997 Harrassment charge.

  33. braz says:

    Damien, I heard both sides of this particular story and I believe its you who is overreacting. I’d love to say that they’re members of YFG but as ever you’re facts are incorrect. I’d also like to say I’m not one of the two.

    I’d like you to retract your comments about YFG and UL YFG in particular or you will see the legal side for libel for taking the good name of one of UL societies into another one of your paranoid rants.

    Please feel free to moderate this comment. I believe information should be free, do you ?

  34. Damien says:

    Go fuck yourself Eoin.

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  36. roosta says:

    So, political parties now sue when you talk about them? Yikes!

  37. squid says:

    I’d like you to retract your comments about YFG and UL YFG in particular or you will see the legal side for libel for taking the good name of one of UL societies into another one of your paranoid rants.

    The individuals involved are not named. As for defaming YFG, how is this the case, it is a tale of how two members of that society who have not been named, have turned him off the FG party. pretty much opinion and fair comment.

    Accusing someone of being suseptable to paranoid rants, inferring that he might be a bit of a crackpot, could be also considered defamatory.

  38. Tom Atkins says:

    There are some great typo’s in this piece on Braz’s site:


    ‘condomnation’ being my particular favourite. Says it all really…

    I hope these people grow up and find something more productive to do.

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  40. Donal says:

    Tom, did you notice the “you’re facts are incorrect” in the comment above? Classic.

  41. gavin says:

    A boy Mulley stick it to them, i’m backing you all the way!

  42. Daithí says:

    Of course a political party’s youth wing probably cannot sue for libel. Only legal persons (individuals, corporations etc) can. In the UK it’s totally clear that political parties in general can’t (not sure if an Irish court has been asked the exact same question). Wonder if he knows this and has a killer legal argument about the theoretical and comparative issues to confirm that parties or wings of parties can sue, or is he just talking nonsense?

  43. I like ‘electrate’, myself.

    Daithi, it’s imaginary Internet law. It’s not like real law, with all those rules and stuff…

  44. Twenty Major says:

    We’re gonna rock down to … electrate avenue.


  45. Organ Donor says:

    Right behind you Mulley, Blueshirts apparently dissapeared a long time ago..
    Now its just politically correct nazi’s now..At least they are moving with the times..Fuck em…
    I checked out their sites too,delusions of grandeur or what..

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  47. Condomnation..

    Isn’t that the place down the side alley with the neon sign?

  48. It’s CondomWorld, and it’s on Dame Street. 🙂