Day 3 of Padbrother

Day 2 of Padbrother upped the drama levels as Padbrother set a challenge to the Benchd team to unlose their car keys. A frantic few hours of searching the locality and tearing apart a bedroom ended with success and just in time too for the next challenge in San Francisco.

After a quick interlude in the Padbrother house where everyone met Brian Deane from Ceatec and then headed to lunch in the Cheesecake Cafe, everyone then set off to San Francisco for the Scoble challenge.

This challenge involved the Padbrother contestants dressing to the nines to see who was the most fashionable. Touristr’s Jan Blanchard being French had an instant advantage though lost serious points by wrapping his new iPhone in a gaudy red jacket. Steve would not be impressed.

Later today on Padbrother is yet another challenge where five of the contestants will have to stand up in front of a crowd of 120 people and explain in 120 seconds why they should not be evicted from the auditorium.

Before all that some of the contestants will be meeting Facebook. More updates later.

One Response to “Day 3 of Padbrother”

  1. floyd.pepper says:

    Hi Damien,
    Glad to see you guys are having a laugh out there. I got sent this on youtube and thought I’d share….
    …could be a point of discussion with the guys u meet out there.

    hope its not olds.