Day 2 of Padbrother

Read this with a Geordie accent for best effect.

It’s day two of Paddy’s Valley Padbrother and many of the contestants are still asleep in the PadBrother House, while others are up and awake nursing sore heads. Alexia is in the kitchen making food for everyone. One day in and she’s already assumed the motherly role. At the same time Eoghan is already outside the Apple store, face pressed to the glass while stroking the glass and declaring his love to the iPhone.

As this is happening Conor has declared that he’s his own Island Nation and monarch of it at the same time. His grand highness Conor P plans to pounce on the Irish Ambassador on Tuesday evening and talk about setting up and embassy in Ireland so he can bring back lots of cheap goods under diplomatic immunity.

While some are having fun, others are working on their networking. Bus ticket 2.0 manufacturer CoClarity’s Ger Hartnett is busy working on his powerpoint presentation while Niall Larkin from RelevantM is practising his deathly evil and cold smile while reciting “I could tell you what the product does but then I’ll have to kill you.”

As this is happening Shane McAllister from Mobanode is standing outside every door in the Padbrother house in turn and trying to send bluetooth messages about how great his product is to the mobile phones that are in each room.

5 miles away the Touristr crew are polishing their red mustang. (not a euphemism)

More updates on the other Padbrother contestants later.

6 Responses to “Day 2 of Padbrother”

  1. […] stirrer has started Padbrother. Notice there’s no mention of his shenanigans. ‘Cos they would be full of bad language […]

  2. Conor says:

    His Grand Highness Conor P of Conation (To be confirmed) officially gives PaddysValley a thumbs up.

  3. You have got to try the breakfast in the fountain diner on the corner. Top Grub.

  4. Meanwhile, Robert is at his desk in Dublin.

    Bloody Web 2.0 people. 😉

  5. Conortje says:

    Oh this is going to get confusing I can tell. There is already a Conorland

  6. allan branch says:

    We’re looking forward to meeting Conor and Jan this weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.