Fluffy Links – Monday July 16th 2007

Red Mum’s guide to bus traveling etiquette.

Glad the One Laptop Per Child crowd and Intel followed my advice and put away their differences. I’m sure it was my influence really that did it.

So yeah, Japan is set to get 300Mbps over 3g, but then check out this old lady in Sweden who is getting 40 Gbps.

Una. Rocks. Nail. Head. Oxegen. Society. Life.

any problems at Oxegen are not Oxegen problems, they are social problems. On Saturday night, we got the bus back into town from the festival and arrived on O’Connell bridge at around 3am. And as Neil remarked, the only difference from the behaviour of the people at Oxegen and the people on O’Connell bridge was the mud.

Kinda linked. This guy chose heritage and culture over a few billion dollars.

Murphy’s did the ice cream for the McManus wedding. Love the blog post title.

I got this book too. I’ll leave Adrian do the review.

The moon is easy to lift. Heavy hearts weigh more.

To be in heaven or hell. All the same people, all the same jobs, all different roles.

Seriously! Flip flops are bad enough, now with L.E.D.s?

I think this is one of my favourite music videos ever ever ever:

A different kind of hart. Muir dar.

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  1. Mike says:

    Re The moon is easy to lift —

    I tried that before but have to admit the result wasn’t as good as the one you’ve linked.


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