Firefox takes 38.6% marketshare in Ireland

Via Mozilla Links A survey from Xiti Monitor has shown that Firefox usage in Ireland is growing at an impressive rate and that Ireland is one of the top users of Firefox in the EU behind the top users of Slovenia, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Croatia. At 38.6% usage, it is a comfortable 10 points above the 28% European average. The actual growth rate of 55% is the highest this quarter for all of Europe too.

Pity there’s not better stats for Nintendo.

So why are so many Irish people moving over to Firefox?

What are your site stats for Firefox?

29 Responses to “Firefox takes 38.6% marketshare in Ireland”

  1. 22.41% of all visitors to use Firefox.

  2. I’ve got 33.55% Firefox users.

    IE make up 57.67% and Safari 8.31%

    Of course, my sample size is a tiny bit smaller than

  3. Twenty Major says:

    32% Firefox
    60% IE

    8% others.

  4. Seamus says:

    77% Firefox
    9.6% IE
    7% Safari
    2.8% Konqueror

  5. LouderVoice is 47% IE (52% V6, 47% V7), 42% FF, 6% Safari. (less techie) is 64% IE (54% V6, 45% V7), 21% Firefox. But bizarrely more Mozilla users than Safari. Mac-heads not foodies?

    That’s good news re IE7. Hopefully within a year we can stop supporting the horror that is IE6.

  6. Le Catch says:

    31% for the Album Archive blog…coming in the highest with IE running at 25%

  7. Niall O'K says:

    My blog site has the following stats for the past month:

    1. Firefox 51.45%
    2. Internet Explorer 44.27%
    3. Safari 2.14%
    4. Opera 1.37%
    5. Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.31%
    6. Mozilla 0.31%
    7. Netscape 0.15%

  8. simon says:

    Firefox 35%
    IE 59%
    Saferi 3%
    Others 1%

  9. simon says: by the way
    Firefox 29%
    IE 65%

  10. Green Ink says:

    MSIE 6 31.85%
    Firefox 2 30.56%
    MSIE 7 17.17%
    Firefox 1.5 10.32%
    Safari 4.60%
    Firefox 1 1.42%

  11. Alan says:

    MSIE – 68.6%
    FF – 18.3%
    Others 12.9%

    As for high usage in Ireland – one theory that may or may not hold water is that we have a large population in Ireland from other countries (e.g. Poland) which have higher levels of FF usage than Ireland. Therefore when they come to Ireland they will use FF more and probably use the internet more to keep in contact with home and thereby have an impact on the statistics.

    It would be interesting to know what browser the majority of Internet cafe’s use – that could throw up some clues as well.

  12. Anthony says:

    Just on observation in a lot of internet cafes I’ve been in the majority use IE exclusivly and where there is a choice it’s always been firefox 1.x but that’s hardly conclusive data.

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  14. Lar says:

    Our corporate website…

    54.60% Internet Explorer
    38.94% Firefox
    3.46% Safari
    1.55% Opera

    Our blog…

    54.29% Frefox
    36.84% Internet Explorer
    4.35% Safari
    2.64% Opera

    My conclusions: Bloggers are by their nature, early adopters and more au fait with tinternet, therefore more likely to use (let alone know about) Firefox.

    Many other people just don’t care and use whatever comes installed.

  15. squid says:

    Internet Explorer – 79.69 pc
    Firefox – 17.16
    Other – 2.29
    Opera – 0.57
    Netscape 0.23
    Mobile browsers – 0.04

  16. Liam Daly says:

    Explorer – 62%
    FireFox – 23%
    Mozilla – 9%
    Safari – 5%

    To where only one fifth of visitors are actually in Ireland.

  17. […] Damien posts about Firefox’s increased market share in Ireland. Apparently it’s up to 38.6% – which is impressive. The stats of THIS, my personal blog site site put Firefox in first place by quite a margin, with IE second and Safari (interestingly) coming in 3rd. […]

  18. […] Damien Mulley posted on his blog today about a survey that found Firefox use in Ireland has grown to 38.6%. […]

  19. Dan Sullivan says:

    Firefox 79%
    IE 9%
    12% the rest.

  20. McAWilliams says:

    IE : 59.54%
    Firefox : 33.28%
    Safari : 4.52%
    Opera : 1.23%
    Mozilla : 1.19%
    Konqueror : 0.16%
    Netscape : 0.04%
    Camino : 0.04%

  21. Stewart says:

    IE: 45% (6-27%, 7-18%)
    FF: 44%
    Saf: 7%
    Op: 2%

  22. 33% Firefox
    44% MSIE
    18% Safari
    3% Opera
    2% Other

    But only 36% are visitors from Ireland.

    Why Firefox? Tabbed way before IE was. Excellent add-ons – WebDeveloper; Dictionaries (even for Gaeilge) etc. Totally customisable. Perfect complement to Thunderbird. Uncluttered. Basically, Firefox gave the user everything they wanted long before IE. Microsoft are just playing catchup.

  23. Joe says:

    Here’s the stats for for the past month. Interestingly they appear to have a higher percentage of IE users.

    Browser – Percentage
    Internet Explorer – 80.98%
    Firefox – 13.01%
    Safari – 4.16%
    Mozilla – 0.98%
    Netscape – 0.40%
    Opera – 0.29%
    Camino – 0.06%
    SAMSUNG-SGH-I607 – 0.06%
    Konqueror – 0.06%

    And here is where they came from:

    Country Percentage
    United States 51%
    United Kingdom 27%
    Ireland 10%
    Canada 3%
    Australia 3%
    Germany 2%
    Sweden 1%
    Netherlands 1%
    France 1%
    Spain 1%

  24. James says:

    30.5 %
    People are moving to firefox because they kept getting spyware and popups asking them to buy stuff, and they kept calling the neighbour over to fix it, until the neighbour got sick of it and installed AVG and Firefox and deleted the shortcut to Internet explorer from the desktop.

  25. Jimmy says:

    Firefox 7598 47.2 %
    MS Internet Explorer 7168 44.5 %
    Unknown 1207 7.5 %

  26. Peter says:

    James’ comment made me laugh as it’s so true.

    My site this month:
    Firefox 43%
    Internet Explorer 46%

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