Simon is looking for techie help

Simon from Tuppenceworth is looking for some assistance to help him with his Twitter/blog hybrid. As far as I understand he’d like to take in all Twitter messages directed to his account (using that @ command) and export them to his blog. Trouble is he is not a techie, like myself and it seems while you can get a feed of the replies, it is password protected. Conor O’Neill did something like this for CorkProbs using some version of an application called Planet. Anyone got suggestions on how to integrate somethinglike this into an existing blog? Any plugins out there yet? Or widgets?

2 Responses to “Simon is looking for techie help”

  1. My first guess would be to try as the feed address.

  2. Michele says:

    What John said 🙂

    You could probably use something like SimplePie RSS to pull it into a blog or CMS without too much pain, though you’d obviously want to make sure that your password wasn’t that important to you ….

    Alternatively .. maybe you could pass it into something like feedburner and then pass the output of that into SimplePie?