Week in Review 29th April 2007

Hopefully I can do this at the end of every week. A lookback on what was posted here during the week. (Excluding Fluffy Links.)

The net is becoming even more self-obsessed. But that’s ok. launches.

Give blogs to students as a marketing tool for the college.

Using a FON model for CoWorking.

Labour launch the “This is Margaret” video. Harry McGee says it is the best 60 seconds of the election.

Political Thicko does McDowell.

Free .info domains.

ENet, the crowd that run the fibre around the towns talk a lot of bollox.

Political Thicko version of “This is Margaret.” has a Lifehacking forum.

Beirut the Band are playing Ireland again.

Should Credit Unions become Angels/Venture Capitalists? Should there be a Startup Lobby Group?

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