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Last night was the official launch of which is a website devoted to promoting gay rights and recording the attitudes of the various political parties to gay issues. This is the blog.

I particularly like their interactive map of Ireland with all the contituencies marked on it and when clicking on the pins on the map you are brought to a page with the voting record of all the candidates in that constituency. Might be good to mark who is a current standing TD and who is not. For example here is the voting record of the candidates in Cork South Central. Family friend John Dennehy voted against I see. You can also see the policies from the parties. From the site: All 8 Progressive Democrats TDs voted AGAINST the Civil Unions Bill. It’s a very good and simple to use site and another decent addition to the election/politics websites that are out there.

Good coverage too with a nice photo of David Norris and some drag queens on page 5 of the Irish Times:
They're off to find the gayzard

Senator Norris is the one second on the left. The tall lass with the hair is Panti. Best Irish drag queen ever. Except Fabula. I’ll shut up now.

5 Responses to “ – Another political website”

  1. Twenty Major says:

    Good to see they haven’t gone for your stereotypical gay image of a total mincer surrounded by drag queens.


  2. Laura says:

    That’s really very interesting to know who voted what way especially when then come a knockin’ on the door these days looking for votes. In my Area FF & PD voted No while FG and Labour voted in favour….. I wonder do you see these trends across the board.

    Interesting link, thanks

  3. Kevin says:

    Had a flick through the map there, and Laura, your area, wherever that may be, appears paradigmatic of everywhere. But then, so would anywhere really, with such consistent (and, as a vague PD, disappointing) trends.

  4. Oh, I like the picture! Particularly the facial expressions; very good. I’m glad our major political gay is so, well, gay, actually. 🙂

  5. Conortje says:

    It’s a really interesting site – thanks for the tip (only wish I could vote from abroad). As for the photo I just can’t take my eyes off Panti’s hips. Amazing.