Political Video Stats – Updated April 3rd

Edit: Please note this is not an ordered “top 10” viewed list. It isn’t in any order at all and there’s 11 vids!

This seems to be turning into a regular thing. Update on the viewing stats for some of the political videos out there:

Mary Harney behind her desk asking to put her back in power come election time. – 1,905 views. Views have gone way up because of the below video.

Piss take of Mary Harney by Political Thicko – 1,507 views in a week!

Labour’s “But are you happy?” video – 842 views.

Dan Sullivan’s “You pay taxes so we don’t have to” – 1,321 views.(Done twice, viewed 964 times and 357 times)

Enda Kenny awkwardly being a people person. It almost works too. – 1,489 views.

Bertie Ahern Ard Fheis Speech – 832 views.

Frank Chambers (FF) talking to you from his kitchen – 1,440 views.

Putting Words in Bertie’s Mouth – 1,650 views.

Trevor Sargent on Podge and Rodge – 8,877 views.

Irish Bloggers on de tele – 1,035 views.

The banned Trocaire Ad – 9,261 views.

Since FG don’t have a YouTube account/channel, I found Enda’s Ard Fheis speech here. – 10 views. And holy shit but does Lucinda Creighton eat babies too? “Let’s get dis party started” was the intro music. This is really cringeworthy.

Oh maybe this is the FG Channel. FG HQ? Enda, brush your bloody hair and stop buying “casual” clothes from the politicians section of Marks and Spencer.

2 Responses to “Political Video Stats – Updated April 3rd”

  1. Tungsten Lightbulb says:

    Christ, if Enda ever watches himself back he must spend the whole time cringing. Either that or he has a complete lack of self awareness.

    Your man who did the Harney skit did one on enda, which i noticed on votetube


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